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a totally newb question

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This thread really proves the old adage that opinions are like assholes: everyone has one and they all stink!!!


Cobra, I'm with you; in that if they are willing to put themselves between my loved ones and trouble, then they have my respect, regardless of whether they're a sworn LEO or not!


More troll food please!!!




Nooooooo! Don't feed them. Maybe they'll go away! Seems lately, they're coming out of the woodwork.


I think if you look back I posted either the first or second "Do not feed the trolls" post. This post is way beyond "Do not feed. . ." I figure since starvation isn't going to work, maybe we can feed them to the point that they get sick and die (kind of like a horse when it gets colic from eating too much, a slow and painful death)!!!

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police ride alongs aren't an option anymore- at least not here in Harris county. Way too many liability issues.


That's too bad. Guess that's what lawyers are doing to us as a whole.


I remember when the Harris County SO did a lot of ride-alongs. So did the DPS (Texas). I was with a federal agency and we weren't supposed to do ride-alongs, but...


Does the Houston PD still have its Citizens' Police Academy?


Frog does have a point with some guards trying to be cops. Far more of a problem are the ones with a complete lack of dedication- that show up with their uniform all thugged out and worn improperly, who just walk around on the cell phone all the time and show up to get paid- IF that. You mainly see that with noncoms though.


I was sitting on a stakeout one night, long long time ago. Me and my partner in a two door Chevy Caprice, in a deserted mall parking lot. We were waiting on a fugitive wanted on drug-trafficking charges. We're sitting in our car, darked out windows, public mall parking lot watching a local auto mechanics shop where the guy we were chasing was meeting with his people.


This is in Texas, by the way.


Out of nowhere, we see this beat to shit piece of crap Toyota circle us one, two, three times, then drive straight at us with the high beams on. Driver's side door opens and a guy gets out, stands in the beams casting a silouhette and we see a pistol in his hand.


My partner and I both grab shotguns and roll out the doors screaming, "Hands up, motherf--cker!" We take this guy down and first words out of his mouth are, "I'm a cop and you guys are in serious trouble."


"What kind of dumbassed cop are you?" I asked the guy.


"Check it out," says my partner with a groan, showing me the guy's "credentials" which were in his normal billfold. The guy was a freaking Constable. If you're in Texas, you know what a Constable is.


I look over at the auto shop and see lights going off and people leaving in a hurry because of the excitement our incident caused. The idiot constable demanded to know who we were. We simply told him that our badges had eagles on them (which he didn't get) and that he had been macro seconds away from getting shot.


So don't be too hard on just the security guys. I've seen plenty of dumbass with real live commissioned law enforcement as well.


I've also worked with plenty of private security operations that employed mainly former LE and military types that would put most police agencies to shame.


You know, in Texas you can get your TCLEOSE certification without being employed by a LE agency. It's the way a lot of cops get their first LE job. Ever checked it out before? just curious.


Bullfrog (re-tread)

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Bullfrog I first judged you as simply someone coming from somewhere else where they were making fun of us here on Saiga-12 forums, and didn't really give a damn what you had to say because of that.

I'm sorry.

After an experience like that, I can understand now why you might personally harbor some of those feelings about some of the guys who the wear the badges "without the eagles".


I just have a tendency to stick up for my own, just like you guys do.


No hard feelings. :bag::)

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I don't care what the statutes say. When you let your wife and kids go to the mall together for instance (if you have any...), and they have to mingle with all the street urchins that congregate there, it's not the official "police force" that are there keeping an eye on them for you while you are not there. It's not a guy with a permenant badge, a cruiser, and a shotgun in the front seat who is responsible for them staying safe while they walk around inside and then carry all those Christmas presents across the dark parking deck on the way back to the safety of their vehicle. It's the mall security police who are there for your family while you are unable to be there protecting them.

Same goes for bank guards and nowadays, school guards. If you have a badge on and carry a gun then you ARE a cop for all I'm concerned. If any of fulltime police officers here don't respect those guys just because they haven't completed all the training you have, then that's sad and another example of how people need to work harder to stay on the same team and not be such stuck up snobby assholes like a lot of those jerks cracking jokes on this and other forums.


Get a life y'all. Really. :rolleyes:


You must be joking... I'd never count on Mall Security to keep my family safe, at least not where I live. That's why we hold Concealed Firearm Permits or CCWs as they are called in other states.

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I'd like to make a comment on the totality of this particular circumstance...........


You don't have to be dressed in a penis suit to be a dick................


Haven't all you slammers got something better to do?????


How about this?


Does one need to wear condom, to be a total dick?


[ ] Yes

[ ] No

[ ] Maybe


Please check one

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It is mall security that will call the real police when something happens. Sorry, I have dealt with way to many "private security operators" in my life. There are some good and well intentioned ones, as I am sure this gentleman is, but there are many more who are just plain wackos or slugs. There is nothing wrong with having a security job, but that is exactly what it is, a security job. Let's not pretend it is something it is not.


You need to keep in mind that this was an OFF DUTY police officer that happened to have the forsight to carry a firearm. He managed to distract the gunman by drawing his fire, which in turned kept the active shooter from taking any more victims. The SLC Police officers showed up moments later to take care of the problem.


The applications for Utah Concealed Firearms Permits skyrocketed here in the state after this happened. It's going to be an off duty police officer or a legally armed citizen that's going to make a difference in a situation like this, where every minute that is wasted waiting for the police to arrive could have deadly consequences.

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Well Trolls what do you think of Security Guards now?


WOW...I guess it's time to put this thread to bed...but I, just can't resist....I'm gonna say I didn't read all of it, only the front and back. So...I recently left a short stint job as a 'Loss Prevention Detective' at a Large Well-Known Mall Store. (In Houston) All I want to say, is it is a thankless job, underpaid and very dangerous these days. With all the Saggy Pant Clad Gang Members, Potential Terriost Muslims that were staking out the store... and just plain idiots...I had my hands full...Some days I WAS the SECURITY...JUST ME ...for a huge multi-level store. Not going into any more details, just let me say - guys (AND GIRLS) that do Mall Security are Putting there Life on the Line Every Day out there (one of ours was killed just before I left this fall - in Cali. - ex Military w/ small kids & wife) We were diligent on crime and security, but let's just say our hands were tied....I'm gonna say if the recent Shooting would have been at my store...it would have been a 'clean up ' operation just like it was there....Sad...These days, I believe we need more Serious Capabilities to protect the public from the potential Danger that really exists now.

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