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Who wants a Laser Dot Sight?

Would You like to have one of these sights for a $100?  

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  1. 1. Would You like to have one of these sights for a $100?

    • Yes, I sure would!!!
    • Maybe...
    • No, not really...

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Sure, actually if its the one that screws in, replacing the gas tube regulator knob, I ALREADY have one, bought it on ebay for $35 about 2 yrs. ago...BIG drawback is the 220V NOT 110V charging feature correct ?



Red dot is not that bright when in use as well :-) But major cool factor!

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Yep it is the one that screws in replacing the gas tube regulator knob, but the one you've got has 2 rechargable CR elements in it, right? Made in TULA, right?


This one uses a regular "camera" battery that you see in most of these sights... No charging needed, battery lasts give or take a year think... The idea of recharging CR elements did not appeal to me... It is a lot brighter too!!!



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Depends on the price I guess. I'd spend $30. Not more. I shot a couple different weapon systems with lasers on them before and the laser can get reallly shaky order stressful situations. Now if you started producing those cools stocks you designed, that would be different story. Hope your having a good time on vacation.

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Maybe I'm stupid, but I just don't see the need for either a red dot or laser on a shotgun. Most of the self defense gurus say that having an actual visual laser beam or flashlight mounted to a weapon is bad mojo anyway because it can pinpoint your location to the perps if you use it. Besides, everything with batteries in it that I have put on a firearm in the past has leaked on me, so I don't need the extra aggrivation of periodically having to check the batteries (and if I have them taken out, that is usually the time when T.S.H.T.F.F.M.). :lolol:

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I'd go for it. I was planning on mounting a Beamshot 1001 Ultra 10X on mine, but maybe I'll wait on the one you're talking about. The Beamshot would cost me about $109.00 plus mounting hardware.


For what I use the gun for, lasers are invaluable, especially when they have a pressure pad. When you put the dot on a bad guy, they usually freak out and give up quick (I have a Lasermax on my duty sidearm and it kicks ass).

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I have purchased enough - 150lb woth of stuff....


Sights, muzzle breaks, sights with muzzle breaks, and so on..... like 50 of each item... for .410, 20, and 12GA...


It is too much to carry - I'll have to ship it in... It will take about 2-4 weeks... Sorry for the wait - but now I can *officially* say it is being shipped becaiuse I have it in my hands!!!




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Glad to see those front sights coming in!


Are they designed to interface with the existing rear sight? I have the fixed pistol-style rear, rather than the adjustable pseudo-vent rib with the rear "ears".


If yes, put me down for a front sight w/o brake.

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Hey, new guy here. I am really interested in one of the lasers for the sagas. Can you gey a pic. of the laser on the gun? Did you say you were ONLY geting 5 is there anyway to order more? Also $100 seems really high to me, I would consider it for $50 or mabe on a trade.

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Makc do these lasers fit on the saiga 20?
Yes - .410, 20, 12 - any Saiga that has a regular gas tube with 1 & 2 positon markings on it.



I would consider it for $50
Maybe if you go to Belorussia and buy one on the local fleemarket (stolen from the factory...) that would be possible... I really do not wanna engage in to black market :ded: dealings here... sorry... :(


ONLY geting 5 is there anyway to order more?
- sure - I just wanted to bring 5 with me to see if people wanted them... I DOES look cool as hell and WORKS perfectly!!! I tried it last night!


I'll get the pictures up here on Tusday morning as I do not have internet at home right now... Before I left the country, I asked the cable company :killer: to "suspend" my service for 2 months - instead they just disconected me completely.... Idiots!!! They will reconect me on Tusday... :smoke:



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Hey Zelik, Thats great that you can order more but for a hundred I'd have to think about it and see some reviews of it first. Hey I just got a idea you can send one to me and I can test it out for you and post a review :smoke: lol. Anyways, how mutch does the factory in russia sell them for in american curency? Also I'm a little confused here, you said you don't want to deal in the black market, are you implying that I am wanting to trade stolen items? I asure you my stuff is legit and I payed for it. I have a winchester spoting scope and a laser bore sighter that I don't need any more and was simply asking if you would consider a trade torwards a laser sight. My bad though if I took it the wrong way. :super:


Also those front sites with muzzle breaks look pretty cool, how mutch are those runing?



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