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muzzle breaks?

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Hey Guys,


I'm interested in getting a Saiga .308 w/ the 16" barrel. I was just wondering what my options for muzzle brakes were. The barrel is not threaded for one, correct?


If that is the case, I would rather not thread it myself, and just get a pin on muzzle break. Are there any good ones? Cause its gonna be crappy and not work well, or just fall off I won't even waste my time.


I've read all the 16" vs. 22" topics here, and it seems like a couple people said the 16" pretty much shoots flames out the barrel, lol. Would everyone else agree with that too? Maybe a flash supressor would be a good idea then? any of those available?


Also, where do you guys generally get accessories for your saigas?



PS-damn these forums, won't let me edit the title!! realized i spelled it wrong a second afte posting

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I really haven't noticed flames shooting from my 16" barrel, but I'm sure they're there if you shoot it at dusk. I'm going to find a way to attach a flash suppressor when I get a chance, probably threading the barrel. This mainly for 'ban' reasons as well as looks. I've heard RPB has a press on muzzle break or thread adapter for Saiga rifles. Might want to give them a call if you're set on one of those.




Best source of parts/US made accessories: http://www.k-var.com

Good FCG/US parts: http://www.tapco.com

Nice US parts/best FCG available: http://www.redstararms.com

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hmmm, wonder if you could pin and solder the ak-74 style brake that joeken has, dremel in 2 grooves and install a front sight out on the end of your barrel?

It would be a way to get both a brake and a METAL mount for an extended sight radius- given that our hopes were dashed with the plastic ones ATI is coming out with.


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Children, children look in here, if you want a muzzle brake, this guy can custom

any for your saiga and forget to try to put a cheap pin muzzle brake on your

.308 unless you want it to go flying 20 feet in front you rifle, welded, silver solder

or treaded is the way.





By the way joeken muzzle brakes are ok, they are made by Vulcan arms and

they have to be welded or silver solder, have installed it on saiga 7.62x 39 not

to happy with it.

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