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You guys should have a blast, i went there with a group from Tampaforums to shoot it up, i may be coming to join ya'll, that tannerite for anyone who hasn't shot it is impressive to say the least. and anyone who wants to brave the 1k yard range its an extra 5 bucks, please take pixx!!

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Stand easy everyone. I know I've been off taking care of other things the last few weeks, but this shoot is definitely a go. January was has been a maelstrom workwise for me, but I haven't forgotten about the info needed here.


I'm still working the angles with the folks here locally in the free time I have & am hopeful to have something concrete up before the end of next week. Feel free to do your own research in the meantime. In any event, I will do what I can, but it's snowbird season here right now and a lot of these folks haven't been real willing to cut prices. That said, I have a few on the edge of giving a special rate, so keep your fingers crossed.


The only thing I will say is to avoid any of the motels at SR64 and I-75. Those have gone downhill in a big way. You can go an exit North or South of SR64 and you'll be OK, but everything at the SR64 exit was a true disappointment.


And yes, I will have campground info as well.

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A few updates:


The best deal going for those wanting to bring a tent or a camper is at the range itself. They have water & power hookups, and charge $8.00 per night. If you have questions or want to reserve a spot (there should be more than enough to go around), give the range a call Thurs-Sun at (941)322-0055.


There are a few other camping areas in the vicinity, but I got a bunch of crap from most of these folks about it being season and them not knowing if they would have room or not. If you guys want to check into those, they're listed in order of those closest to the range:


Lake Manatee State Park



Duette Park



Frog Creek Campground



Myakka State Park



No dice on the hotels discounts, except one located in downtown Bradenton that I'm still waiting for an approval on the discounted rate. It will probably go through, but this is a nice hotel and rooms are going to be in the $100/night range with the discount. With that in mind, feel free to hit the travel sites and see what's available in the local area. However, as I said earlier, look for motels at the US301, SR70, & University Parkway exits of I-75, and steer clear of the motels at the SR64 exit. Given the current condition of those motels, you'll be more than happy to drive a few extra minutes.


Other good news

- We're currently arranging to have some cool stuff to shoot up brought into the range...cars, appliances, & the like.

- There will be plenty of tannerite for sale. The club owner is mixing up more just for us.

- The range guys will be cooking hotdogs & hamburgers for us the day of the shoot. They typically charge $5 for a full lunch at events like this.

- And a few other things I'm not going to mention just yet. I want to wait until we get a sign-up list going to see how many will be showing up that day so I know just how much we can do.


I'm looking forward to meeting up with all of you that day, and I'll post more info as it becomes available :up:

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my prof pic is actually me shooting at mantee's area 51 site, i'm hoping to make it permitting i get my saiga converted in time, if i show, i'll bring more peeps with me with some interesting toys, permitting our lawyers get the trust started in time.....

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Well, we had the KelTec guys out here today and things went great, but I think our little event will go even better...partly because I invited them and their folks to drop by for our little event.


And things are improving. Thanks to Tom (Sweep) from the Florida Shooters Network I met today, we now have a couple of hundred rounds of 12-Guage to "dispose of," and I'm working on getting more of the same, including brass in other calibers. Hey, ammo ain't cheap these days, so anything to help defray the costs of a shoot like this is a big deal IMO. Anything I can get will be on hand for us to shoot up, so that in itself will be a big bonus for the day.


In other news, the cars should be coming in the week of the shoot (so other folks don't destroy them all before our shoot), and we're working on fire extinguishers, aerosol cans, etc, plus we're working on a moving target system. Lot's of cool stuff, some confirmed, some in the works....stay tuned!

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To give you guys a little teaser, here's a few pics from the FSN folks who used the facility last weekend...and if you look close, you'll see a few familiar items, including a Tromix shorty in action




Edit - More pics, these are from Sunday's shoot


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I wish I had (taken) more time to develop a more outstading logo.....

For being pressed for time, I think they came out pretty cool.


This shows the steps....







Wait till you guys see what I'm takin to press starting tomorrow........

(for the very few that know....Shhhhhhh)

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well since I'm a poor college student, I can't make a pilgrimage all the way down there.


That being said, some of us are getting together up here. So lord willing and the postal service doesn't screw up again....my S-12 will be alive and kicking hard from 1pm EST until my shoulder gives out :)

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well since I'm a poor college student, I can't make a pilgrimage all the way down there.


That being said, some of us are getting together up here. So lord willing and the postal service doesn't screw up again....my S-12 will be alive and kicking hard from 1pm EST until my shoulder gives out :)



You should, Saiga the only god and Bvamp his only prophet, is expecting you and the

true believers to make a pilgrimage to the holly of hollies shoot outs of the Saiga fate

to clean your soul of any sin and ammo. LOL


Cool bro, thats the spirit, get together and have a good time thats what is all about.

Man have a good time and enjoy your gun or guns.

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was? Are ya gonna make it or what? :)


where in NY are you coming from?


I have made it where I am now (on same coast of FL, 2.5 hours north of the shoot) leaving at 4pm from newburgh on thruway, to here, 9pm the next night, with a sleep rest. It is much easier to do in a regular vehicle, but is fairly difficult in a large truck. Its a brutal drive! Hope you plan to vacation and are fitting the shoot in! Be sure to put the bobblehead on the dash in NC at 10am!


Cant wait to see ya! we will have a lot of stuff there you can enjoy, and a few fairly fun "friendly" events! Its looking pretty friendly so far, and the temp will be around 80 -


p.s. - bring me some hard rolls. they think it is "day old bread" down here.....also want to remind you that almost everything but FMJ, HP, and SP ammo is illegal in Florida! leave tracers at home, as well as flechettes and such. Let me know who you are, and where you came from when I forget :)

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Heres some gun porn for you guys - more to come friday.


you're gun porn is weak :haha:


btw, what's up with those shotgun shells under the ear protection in the upper right of the picture? Ya have brass hulls or something?

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