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Buttstock suggestions

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I went to the Tromix website and liked their Ace and Fixed Tromix stocks. I am not quite sure of the difference between these two. The only thing that I know is that I am dead set on a "fixed stock" and do not want a folding stock.


Which fixed stocks to you guys prefer? I actually don't mind the look of an AK stock either.

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I dunno if it's a dumb question but stocks are preferred either for appearance or function. I prefer a fixed stock and I actually like the stock stock (hmm...that sounds weird). Also, my state laws don't allow for collapsible or folding stocks for rifles so it's a bit moot anyway.

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I am thinking to myself that this was either a dumb question, or this simply isn't a question you guys are interested in answering...... If this is a dumb question please excuse me!!


It is a matter of adding the folding mechanism for the ace stock.


I like the folder myslef.

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Thanks for the reply! For whatever reason, I like my stocks fixed and not foldable. I see the difference now Tony has explained to me clearly. I think I am going for the Tromix stock as of now.


I did not know if people had experiences with certain fixed stocks and loved or hated theirs. Again, thanks for the input!

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