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Just got my Saiga-12 today !

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Got to take the Saiga out for a torture test today. Man does it cycle fast !! Only had two jams out of 100+ shells fired. I posted about that on SaltPeter's post about JAMS. Seems alot of people are having the same problem. Not a major problem but one that does need a fix....and soon.


Except for the 2 jams I was extremely impressed with my little $269 shotgun =)


Both of my friends like it as well. Doesnt kick as much as their pumps do. I currently have a Mossberg 500M Bullpup that is up for sale....... anyone interested ?



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i just picked mine up a couple of days ago..a defence model. :wub: ..and i am having a lil trouble with it already :cryss: ...maybe someone out there has a few ideas that could help me out 'cause im losin sleep over this one. :eek: ...the problem is my girlfriend , she keeps pushing it over to my side of the bed in the middle of the night :unsure: ...what do you think i should do? lock her up in the gun cabinet? :devil:

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UH oh !!!...

Well..I guess I have another lil problem....I took the girlfriend out shooting with us yesterday for the sake of "harmony in the home" :angel: ..( I hear they do it all the time in California :devil: )...and everything went great..she's a good shot , she doesnt mind the recoil from the Saiga , I taught her how to strip and clean it , what parts to lubricate etc. (she says we only need to use the recoil buffer for one week a month!), and we all had a great time :super: ...the problem now is that I cant keep the two of em apart :wub: ...they are always hangin out together , they go to the bathroom together , I hear 'em makin plans , and Im starting to feel a little left out :unsure: ....what do i do now? :cryss:

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