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Different Shell Sizes

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Shot Golden Bear 3" Sabot Slugs this morning. My issue is with low pressure. They did NOT operate the action. I had to manually eject and load next round. Using original Saiga 4 rd mag.


My Saiga is a 410-02 and I haven't found a gas pressure adjustment on this puppy. I read in the Saiga 12 forum that Saiga 12-02 models require High Pressure ammunition. That may be true for the 410-02 as well. If so, can someone please give me examples of "high pressure" .410 ammo??

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Any Bear ammo should cycle it just fine. Is the gun stock? Also these are very mag sensitive, check mags for fit and number them. After market dust covers, rails, and forgrips may sometimes cause trouble. Do you have the newer solid 'puck' or the old hollow one? The hollow one MUST be installed with the hollow side towards the muzzle or it will not cycle the action.

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Hmmm... Did they eject ok or did they jam? I've shot 200 Golden Bear Slugs through mine with no problems. I've never tried silver bear slugs. I've heard silver bear won't cycle on the #1 setting, I shot all the golden bear slugs I shot cycled fine on #1. I guess I'll avoid silver bear, it's barely (no pun intended :)) cheaper than golden bear anyway.

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410 X 70 magazine


the site given by the link in the article does not have the 410 X 70 magazine. googling brings up nothing either. Anyone know where to get the 410 X 70 magazine for the 2 1/2 inch shells for saiga 410?


the factory izhmash mag is....410 x 65 for 2.5 shells. try here....saigastock, not cheap tho.

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