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Factory Style Trigger Guard and Selector Stop Modification

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I had a couple of people ask about how I modified the Trigger Guard and Selector Stop on My 12 C/K conversion.


I recently made a set for dodgeturbointerceptor and kept a better photo log and thought I would post it here as a guide for anyone else.


First off you need to obtain the correct parts.

For the selector stop get a Virgin Bulgarian Selector from Elk River ($10.99) It is flat with no milling marks and the middle is thicker than say a Polish or Romanian one.


As for the Trigger Guard I would use an AK 74 Virgin Assembly, also Bulgarian, from K-Var ($10.99) I compared the Bulgarian to a Romanian Trigger Guard and the Bulgarian appears to be a thicker gauge metal.


Start the process with the Selector Stop Modification.



Virgin Bulgarian Selector Stop (Elk River $10.99)



Place 2 5/32"drill bits or pins in the holes to be removed. I sandwich the selector between 2 pieces of 3/8" steel. I will use this as my cutting guide.



Cut with a Hacksaw.



This is what you should be left with.



File smooth.



Polish smooth with Flapper Wheel.



Step one complete.


Next the Trigger Guard



Start with a virgin Bulgarian Trigger Guard



I clamped it to one piece of 3/8" steel using the vice on one side and a C clamp on the other. I also used the 2 5/32" pins for alignment.



Cut across with a hacksaw



Cut complete



Check fit with Selector Stop and file as necessary.



Mark and cut at about a 45 degree angle. Only cutting the face.



Both Sides complete



Use a Dremmel tool and a cut-off wheel to remove the excess. Keep the cut toward the face on each side.



File Smooth



Getting Close...



Polish with Flapper Wheel



Completed part Side View



Completed Part Front View



Completed Set




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I did it the hard way.


Your way is better. Very clever using the drills as a jig.


Dremel cut off wheel instead of hack saw. Broke 7 wheels.


By the way, did you finish your "paint job".


I haven't finished it yet. I have been saving my pennies to get it Parkerized over at Elk River.

Then I will give it a coat of Molly Resin (Flat Black).

I also want to send the carrier, BHO switch and the Folder locking pin to Elite custom Plating to have these items Hard Chromed (Brushed style).


Then it will be finished.

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you guys are doing it the hard way if you look around on the net you can find some trigger guards and stops that are MADE as one single unit


Yes, I'd like to see a link on that...

It would be a great option especially if it had the 2 rivets up front configuration and it looks stock.


It really is not the "Hard Way" the whole process takes about 30 minutes.

If you are already deep into converting a S-12, 30 extra minutes is nothing to have a factory feel and look.

In my opinion, this mod is a cake walk compared to getting the BHO spring back in place. :ded:


Look forward to the link.

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Amazing, the different skills/tools we have.


I find the BHO spring to be a 30 second task. But, I used to fix typewriters, (in the way back days) and have a tiny spring hook. Yes, the spring hook is "spring loaded" so it can capture small springs. I've had it for 35 years.



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