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It always makes me wonder why the government seems so interested in training military and police against civilian's. No I don't have a problem with the military are police, there just doing there job. But the people that control them, I wonder about. It all seems to be growing in momentum lately too. Are they planing something that they feel might piss us off in the future. :unsure: I'm sure they would like us to believe its to protect us from the terrorist are ourselves. I understand the bad guys have more guns today, but come on. There arming these people like there going to be taking on large groups of people not just criminals.


Videos I thought of while reading Will's post.




(Some what funny)



Other videos like the above can be found at http://blog.puppetgov.com/

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Have 'em train in Detroit!

Only give 'em live rounds! :devil:

Urban renewal and training at the same time! Excellent idea.


That's the nice thing about Dee-troit. The city could be trashed by combat one day, and somebody who came back from out of town the next wouldn't know it.

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I have been Toledo. Sustained live fire exercises with heavy artillery would be an improvement. It would also give them something to use as an excuse, because it allready looks like it's been carpet bombed by B-52's.

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