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Saiga-12 conversion with elevated sight & muzzle!

Do you like this conversion?  

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  1. 1. Do you like this conversion?

    • I Love it! I wanna do it too!!!
    • Well... It's ok...
    • I don't really care for it...
    • Naa, I don't like (I like my 22"er!)

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This is a picture of the conversion that wildmann43 has done!


The bbl was cut down 13.5", then the sight and the muzzle break were installed, silver-soldered to be non-removable! Now the over-all length is still at legal 18", but what a look!!! I love it!




That is the way to do it!!!

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Yes, it looks great. Now back to what's really important, did you ever get the parts we need to do this?



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Looks great !


What is the shortest length anyone has ever used on a Saiga-12 and it still function properly ? I am thinking about registering mine as a SBS ( short-barreled-shotgun) with the ATF and would like to go as short as possible without affecting its function.


Thanks, LB

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so when are they gonna be in stock and how much?

They are on the way - 6-8 weeks, I will publish the prices when I get them. :smoke:

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You know, I hadn't shot it since I did the conversion. I've only got a couple of different loads, 00buck, 7 1/2, S&B rubber ball, Def Tec Rubber Baton & Paint marking Baton. I'll compare it with a friends 22" Saiga-12.

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well get a wooden rod 18.5 ''long and drop in the barrel with bolt closed mark and cut off ;this a legal short one ;;hell i got like this one in 20 from class 3 dealer -he cut it down -well 3'' mag 24 pellet #3 buck -8 to 10 pellets hit a 8 by 11 paper at 45 yards so it works well a 12 has more pellets more hits !!yes short shotguns are the tool for home defence and hunting too !!

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I finally went shooting yesterday. Mostly practiced speed shooting with WallyWorld big box o' #7 1/2 shot & S&B 00Buck. No hiccups or failures. The darn thing will bump fire too, but I could only do 3rd bursts. Not 2rd or 4-5rds. It's only slightly faster than speed shooting. I'll add an M60 style sling & try again. The special application ammo is low pressure & won't cycle the action, but I made a surprise discovery. The DefTec (marking) baton I used was given to me as a 'paint' marking round, even though it is marked practice. It turns out to be a zytel fin stabilized baton. It's makes a good bang when fired. And it 'marks' whatever it hits with what looks like a small pox vaccination scar. Oak 2x6's, industrial blue plastic 55gal drums, even trees had the bark knocked off & the underlying core dimpled. It's bad, probably lethal at close range. The rubber DefTec baton was reasonably quiet, to fast to be seen in flight, but didn't knock the bark off the trees or dent the drum. South American Riot control 'stinger' rounds didn't do anything visible to anything but oak leaves at close range. Oh, the welded muzzle attachment rings after firing. No big deal, most won't hear it anyway. On non-permanantly threaded barrels, it probably won't do it either.


I recently got a buffer from Makc, it's going in soon. I definately need a bolt hold-open too, as fast reloads weren't.


Now, do I want to add that 37mm launcher too?

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