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Complete drums tested!! Must read!!

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First I want to say I am sorry to those I haven't replied to yet. I am very backed up on emails and PM's. Probably the worst I have ever been!! :cryss: I'll be busy all day for the next couple so please give me just a little longer to catch them up. I am not ready to ship just yet so don't stress it if I haven't charged your card yet or sent the email notice for mail-in payment customers.


Alright, now the news!!!




I got a few drums today off the molds... :unsure:




I tested them in every one of my saiga-12s... :cryss:




Converted and unconverted... :ph34r:




And not one of them would cycle a single round in any of my many guns!!! :eek::ded:













Just Kidding!!!! :lolol::haha:


Really I only had enough day light to test one drum. And it ran like a champ!!!!! :super:

I fired 300 round3 out of one drum. 3 100rd Wal-Mart bulk packs, 1 Federal, 1 Winchester, and 1 Remington.


Though an unfired, fresh out of the box, RAA '07, IZ-108. Not one single failure or jam of any kind! And for the hell of it I also threw about 3 hand fulls of snow down the tower of the drum once. Didn't skip a beat!


Tomorrow I will be doing much more testing. With other ammos, slugs and buck! And a lot more bulk pack ammo! I'll test the other drums I have tomorrow and use some different guns as well. I have 4 or 5 unfired, new in the box IZ-109s I am going to run them through. My brother has a new in the box IZ-109 he is going to bring over this weekend as well. I have a friend that has an unconverted 109 and also a 109 conversion in progress that I'm going to test them through. Plus my unconverted camo EAA 24" and black EAA 24", Converted 18" and 24" EAA, and converted RAA IZ-109 (maybe I should make a video of the other drum on the market failing horribly in these guns!!!! :devil::haha: ) Nay, I'll leave that to you guys!


I only got 4 complete drums today. I also got one that doesn't have either of the metal inserts in them. Just for the fun of it I wanted to see how it stands up without them. I don't plan at any point of removing the metal inserts and this will just be for curiosity purposes. I will need to machine some slots in the post on that one so I can clip the gear and cover on it. This will probably come later down the road because it isn't necessary right now.


I should have a total of 25 testers Wednesday. After I test each one myself I will be sending out the samples to others for testing. Sorry but I already have my list full for testers. More than likely they will start receiving them later this week through early next week.


The drum is entering it's final stages and should be shipping soon. Still can't give a solid date but trust the wait is almost over and those that had faith and patience in me will not be let down.


I'll try to get some videos this week, it was getting late and cold and I practiced bump firing tonight (to get off as many rounds as possible) and was getting it down pretty good. If it keeps snowing maybe I'll get to bump fire a snowman, (never got to shoot the one in my avatar before it rained and melted him). How about some pics to tide you over!!!


Here are some pics of the mold for the drum body.



post-2662-1203391850_thumb.jpg Notice the metal insert hanging in the core section?



Drum on the left is the one molded without metal inserts. Drum on right has them molded in. It is also a good pic to show the post insert and a front and side view of the mag catch insert before they are molded into a drum! Don't worry, the mag catch insert will be black oxide coated, like the post insert, in your drums.








Gotta go for tonight, I didn't go to bed last night and had a long day on top of it! If I don't make my self go to bed RIGHT NOW I will be up to 3 in the morning before I realize it. I'll get everyones emails, posts, and PMs answered as soon as I can and sorry again for the delay in getting to them.

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Mike - would you be interested in sending an alpha product to the florida shoot, so as staff of the forum can look at it?



I am VERY HAPPY to see you are nearly there....VERY happy, Mike.


the shoot is on the first. send demo parts to Makc, to bring down to the shoot....



its about friggin time



edit: why dont you just fly down for the 1st? you can go hang in tampa and still make the saiga shoot, mike ---

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Interested if 2 3/4" S & B is going to run..........???

Not a big deal,..........but I have a shitload of it, so it'd be nice !!



The update sounds great !!!!


As far as that other POS from Wraithmaker, since they've refused to correct their feed angle,

and screwing us all with their arrogance, I'm thinking the only place they'll have to worry about it working correctly is straight up their ass................... Congratulations to Mike and all of us for believing in the MD-20 !!!!!

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Gotta admit you had me going there with the first part of that post. :unsure:


But when I read the "Just Kidding" I literally laughed out loud. Not so much because it was funny, but out of relief! Whew. Good one. :haha:


Way to go man. I'm proud of you and I'm glad for you. You've continued to show yourself as a class act.


Oh yeah, I'm glad for me too. I'll soon be fondling one in my greedy paws. :devil:


Thanks again man for all the hard work, and for taking the time to keep us updated. :super:

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