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Siderail scope mount

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I haven't tried the one you're talking about, but I do have one of the Belarus mounts. It is absolutely rock solid and adjustable. I set mine very tight so that I have to tap it with a rubber mallet to get the lever closed.


Here is the link with many different types of mounts that are all good quality... http://www.kalinkaoptics.com/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=39



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Contrary to popular belief, you can't just pick your parts for compliance.


Scope mounts aren't countable parts.


See the 922r Section for clarification



Thanks I'll check those out. As for 922r I will take a closer look I am kind of new to import rifles and as I said I'm just a dumb Hillbilly and not too smart :rolleyes: Thanks again!

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Be careful when you order. The mount shown in the picture is for an SVD style rail. SVD mounts often fit on AK rails, but not properly. Kalinka does sell the right mount. Get the AK low mount. Kalinka kind of has a spotty reputation. There's nothing wrong with their products, but they have Russian style customer service. You might try Freedom Optics, Eastwave or Tantal instead.

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This is the pic I meant to post first time. Like I said it seems pretty solid I'll shoot it as soon as this rain stops. :killer:


A range report would be great. The original Saiga scope mount pointed high and therefore shot "very" low, it wouldn't even hit paper. I'd like to hear how the UTG mounts work.

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