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To be... or not to be... tactical?  

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  1. 1. Is a GREEN LASER tactical?

    • YES!! It is a needed tactical accessory!
    • No, lasers are not tactical!
    • Tacticool only.
    • Red, not green, for me, please!

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LazerGrips on a pocket pistol are a complete necessity. On shotties or rifles it depends on what you are doing.

The price of decent green lasers makes them uneconimical gadgetry for most situations. Most, not all.

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The only place that I see any use for a laser is on a deep CCW where the thing is otherwise not a natural point and shoot gun (like the P3at for example). You really gotta get that thing on line in order to use it because the grip is so narrow. I don't have a laser on mine but really think it might be better to focus on the target instead of the nub sights it has. On a J frame where it's such a natural point and shoot gun, a laser would not be needed IMO.


For a rifle, a laser is absolutely foolish. Here's a test for you. Two people are hiding in the back yard and one turns on a flashlight. Who do you think is gonna be found first..?

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I've had to use a laser in defense.  Absolutely useful!  Putting that dot on a perps chest stops them dead! When they know they're toast they surrender real quick!  Got 2 perps, a bunch of stolen equipment back to owners, 10 oz of dope off the streets, and NO SHOTS FIRED!  I could keep the rifle in underarm assault position and leave my field of view clear to watch the perps, and still know where my weapon was pointed.  

Also gave SWAT teams their first taste of what having laser is like, when they got it used on them during training.  They all wanted lasers after that!  Those old HeNe's were contankerous contraptions and not very bright, unlike the diodes of today. 

Geese hate green lasers!   

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