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Converted my saiga last night

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Hey all. I'm fairly new to the forum and definitely new to Saiga's, but I made the conversion plunge successfully. I got my parts on Thursday and last night started/finished my conversion. It wasn't too bad at all. Getting through that spot weld for the trigger guard was a PITA but other than that it was smooth sailing. Even doing the FCG wasn't too bad, which was really my biggest fear. Now just need to do some paint touch ups and its done (for now). I'll post a pic tomorrow since my wife is out of town with the camera.


This was my first rifle that I've bought, having only owned a shotgun for pheasant hunting, and I must say that I think I am addicted. When I finished the conversion last night I was happy that I had finished it, but was mostly bummed because I didn't have any more work to do! I would like to get a new forearm but don't want to buy a new gas tube just yet, since I'm saving up to buy a .223 bolt to accompany my saiga for prairie doggin' this summer.


I noticed a slotted forearm in Pointer's pics in the "lets see your saiga" thread, but really didn't see many options out there without adding the new gas tube. I was hoping I could just find a new forearm for a decent price instead of having to buy new upper/lower grips, retainers, gas tube, etc. Anyone have any suggestions or am I SOL?

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To my knowledge there are 2. 1, the Tapco Saiga Galil Handguard - it has it's own lower hanguard retainer. 2, the UTG Quad Rail - use one of Dinzag's lower handguard retainers and remove the cover/shield from the Saiga gas tube (4 spot welds - use a flat-tip screw driver and a file to clean them up). Any aother AK handguard requires a different gas tube for the top portion of the handguard, unless you maybe want to go AMD style (no top handguard). . .

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