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I'm posting this for the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club, I am not involved. - Doug


We will have 2 plaque matches on Memorial Day weekend at Albany Rifle and Pistol Club in Oregon. May 26th will be a 6 stage Practical Rifle Match and the 27th is a 6 stage Practical Shotgun Match. All net proceeds will go to Veteran based charities. Cost will be $85 per match and includes a great catered BBQ after each event. Website (still under construction) is WWW.arpcveteranbenefit.info Looks like we will have some great stages and we will announce them when the sponsors are confirmed. In preparation for our Sept 11 monthly Multi-Gun Match I found a DOD website that listed our casualties since 9-11-01. From 9-11-01 to 10-13-11 we have lost 6277 killed and 46,664 wounded. That was all the motivation I needed to turn thought into action. I hope we can help show our support by making this a great weekend.


After researching various wounded Veteran related charities we have chosen "Homes For Our Troops" as the beneficiary of our 2 matches. Their website is www.homesforourtroops.org. They are supportive of shooting sports (not all are). They build accessible homes for severely wounded Veterans. Each home is designed for the specific needs of the Veteran. Another great thing about them is since their inception in 2004, 92% of revenues goes directly to building. 8% for administration fees and fundraising is about the lowest out there. I know we would all like it to be 100% but that is unrealistic. I am confident they are serving our Veterans well.


I am pleased to announce that Robert Wright from R&R Targets has stepped up to sponsor our 6 stage Practical Shotgun Match to benefit wounded Veterans on Sunday May 27th, 2012. Thanks Robert! The website is up at My link. Registration is open and the form is on the website. There will be 4 shotgun divisions: Open, and it is, Box Fed, Semi and pump. There is also a 6 stage Practical Rifle Match the day before. This a great cause and a perfect way to warm up for the Summer shooting season.


If you have any questions email me at Email me Thanks,



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Anyone know about 3 guns in North Ga or west NC ... I would like to start shooting them and learn how but can't seem to find any... any suggestions?


I'll second that but in the SW Ohio area for me. Seems its all happening elsewhere.

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Hey guys, this is my first post on the forum.


I'm a VEPR 12 guy(probably will transition to Saiga eventually) and have been doing 3 gun for the past 6 months.


My question is, I'm really interested in some IPSC style shotgun shooting. It seems like there is not much like that in the USA. Does anyone have info? Do they do local shotgun matches overseas and then have the championships once a year?


Is there anything like this going on in the states which is related to USPSA? If not, How can we get this going?


I love 3 gun, but I especially love my shotgun. I feel like shotgun is the "step child" of most shooting sports, and is treated like a necessary evil.


I see the videos from Europe and Russia of people with their saiga's vepr's and other decked out semi autos, I would love to shoot like that without the $1000 plane ride.


Any thoughts?

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