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Check out my magazine rack!

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Ever wonder how the hell you ended up with so many spare mags? Ever get frustrated at having a big messy pile o' mags in a cardboard box? Well, I finally got tired of it and decided to do something about it!

Here's something I cobbled together in my precious little spare time. Just a couple boards and alot of doweling rods.








Now thats handy!

Whaddaya think?

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That's cool man. Reminds me of a little project I came up with to display my long guns..... And another one I'm working on to store my ammo with some kind of organization.


Stuff sure does pile up doesn't it? :eek:

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I'm jealous of you're rack...


flipping sweat dude that is an awsome rack


Not things I would want to hear from another dude :wacko:


Anyway I'm going to need to do something like that, what I have is getting out of hand.

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Nice Rack!!!!








Seriously though, that is friggin perfect..... I could definitely use something like that, I may have to copy it. I currently use a milk crate, and now the general area around the crate...... basically a big mess...

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Very nice indeed! With the last ban on high capacity magazines, I started keeping them in the gun safe and it is too crowded. I may have to consider something similiar. Thanks for sharing.



Yeah, me too. after the last ban I started keepn mags in my safe. now an entire shelf is dedicated and it is a big shelf in a big safe. I straighten it out now and then but they mags end up in a big pile stuffed in as many as will fit. time for a dedicated ammo-mag locker.


I am thinking about more security all around. since I beefed up my alarm and video audio security and added IR flood lights it looks like day outside and unless the bad guys have nv they think its dark. but since the added security I feel ok storing mags and ammo in a strong locker that is secured but not as well as a safe of course.


I am done buying long guns. I have all I want. am adding somme more pistols to my collection but overall I am about complete as I wish to go. I want to get more support gear now. a new ruck for me and wifey. and a new generator and solar panels and a windmill for the house.getting off topic. I got a bum ticker so can only work on that stuff when I feel well. missed the gunshow this weekend and really wnted to go.

best regards david

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Yes, I am proud to call him my brother. :)

Eric, I have some more mags to send you too. Time for another RACK!


So... many... mags!!! :cryss:


The sad part is that I've got even more HK, Saiga, and pistol mags that didn't fit in this rack.

I don't know if I even have room for another one! Everything else might be consigned to the "Cardboard Box Filing System"!

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That is a dynamite idea. I have piles of personal magazines, that are all over the place in my basement. That is just what I need. Thanks for the pictures, I am going to make one.

Great idea! :smoke:

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