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Funny these tubefeeders jump on every technical advancment (gadget) to make a tube feeder more competitive with the Saiga but they still don't have a fire arm as effective as as good Saiga.

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The resistance is easy to understand, they are set in there ways and are pissed that "they" didn't think to use an S12 themselves. I bet you a dollar that if Brian Enos himself started using an S12 years ago, the S12 platform would be more easily accepted.


I shoot a few USPSA pistol matches but I DO NOT take it very seriously, as I feel the whole class system is absurd. But it is a GAME, and as with all GAMES, it is going to have some aspects that don't appeal to all people. For me, I hate the fact that if you shoot production that you can only load 10+1, my chosen production gun is a G17, as that is my CCW. Since I could careless if I win or not, I shoot in the limited class, as the only reason I am there is for the trigger time.


When USPSA designates a class for these guns, I will take it a bit more serious.


1)Handguns--- no optics, only factory capacity magagzines can be used, mounted lights and lasers OK. Scored with no bias as to caliber.

2)Rifles---- optics yes--but only one that is magnified (So if you use a RDS you can also use a magnifier, however if you use an ACOG or a variable power scope you can also use a small RDS mounted like a Dr.OP or a Burris fast fire. (Modern BATTLE RIFLES use optics.) Also, scored with no bias as to calber used.

3)Shotguns---Run what you brung, but there will be NO slugs shot in any of the stages. THERE SHOTGUNS, THERE DESIGNED to shoot lead shot pellets, if I want to shoot a target 100 yards away I will use a RIFLE, because that is what they are designed for.

4)Caliber and ammo---Must have a NATO designation.


Lets call this class, "modern battle class".


Sorry but I can't take your rules seriously. They are just based on your likes and dislikes not reality. USPSA and compeittion in general is a test bed and a lot of things that started in competition become the norm on tactical practical guns later. Such as red dot optics on rifles and shotguns and handguns. Yes real world users are starting to use micro red dots on pistols. As for slugs they have a huge real world use. As a police officer I have had to kill 5 bears in the last 7 years two of which were charging me. My 870 and some well placed slugs worked for me and I am here to talk about it. To discount slugs is silly. As for a nato designation that is also stupid. The 40sw is the dominate LEO caliber but it has no nato designation. Who the hell cares what NATO carries? I sure as helll don't.


I love my R&R Saiga its a great gun and your right there is resistance to the mag fed shotguns in three gun by some people. The reason is money. No one likes to wake up one day and find their $2500 open shotgun obsolete. But hey thats life.


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