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Some good software to have and use

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Anyone have a link for a updated Adobe reader file? deleted my Adobe reader now all my files are encripted cant read anything.


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Avast pro is great, totally worth the money over the free one. I've tested it by intentionally trying to download a file that is known to contain a virus or rootkit, and avast has caught them with it's traffic monitoring tool. I did this on a virtual desktop since I didn't want to risk it either way, but my confidence in it was reaffirmed when a company wide email had a virus, and I was one of the few that didn't get it because avast kept me from opening the attachments.


The free one is just as good.


Avast works light years beyond your big name AV software as it uses heuristics.


Norton, McAfee, and a lot of the larger companies software is only as good as the update. With heuristics the AV knows the behaviors and base of various viri in the database and can "anticipate" if something is a virus by it's coding and how it interacts.


It does everything all in one, don't need adaware or anything else, also your AV is only as good as your browsers security settings.


There are quite a few other AVs out there that are good, but avast is the one I went with after knowing what they put into thier logic and seeing it in action.


2 tools I love are CCleaner and DriverSweeper (Phyxion.net). I would NOT use Driver Sweeper unless you follow the instructions and REALLY know what you are doing as you can completely hose your drivers and have to do a reinstall.


Software is what I do :)

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For excellent free anti virus software I like "Avast": http://www.avast.com...avast-home.html


Zone Alarm is a great and FREE firewall program - requires user interaction - not for noobs: http://www.zonealarm...rm-firewall.htm


Finally - for great spyware removal, it's hard to beat SpyBot Search And Destroy at any price. Fortunately, its free. From Herrn Professor Dr. Ingeneur Kolla (really).



Long live the open source movement!



I've been a huge Avast fan for years! +1 on that recommendation!

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  1. Don't use Internet Explorer; use Chrome or Firefox as your browser
  2. update Windows with windows update every time and all the time. Microsoft is pushing out security fixes to the code here.
  3. buy an anti-virus and keep it updated daily
  4. make sure you have your firewall turned on
  5. Don't download fuzzykittens screensavers
  6. Switch to Mac, Linux, or BSD >:)

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+1 on not only the Avast that I mentioned earlier, but Google Chrome is the best browser in my opinion. Thanks for the advice and link on CCCleaner; I'm downloading that now. Those that are downloading the linux operating systems that I miss from my college days; how are you installing it? Do you put it on another partition on the Hard drive or what?

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Opera for the win

I use a shelled out windows explorer and ie that I spent time building up, it's faster and more secure then anything I know. I unfortunately have to run IE most of the time at work, but I've made due just fine and I know all the work arounds and tricks after having been forced.

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... I use AOL. I know. They suck but as far as I have seen, they all do. ...
It is true that they all suck, but this is like saying "I drive a segway. I know, they suck, but all cars suck." AOL sucks so much that it can't even be considered a car- err... browser/ISP.


As a computer professional, I strongly recommend exploring alternatives. AOL behaves like a virus in almost every way except that it can't be removed by anti-virus software because it is a "voluntarily installed commercial product"

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I am in IT. I have been the primary inshop technican for a small IT company for years now. I will tell you what I run on my personal machine that gets 99.99%. I can't say any higher because hackers and virus writers are L337 bastards:


1st line of defense: Firefox with the following add-ons: Adblock Plus, Web Of Trust

Real Time Protection: AVG Free Edition (yes, free edition)

Freebie programs I scan after about ever 100 hours of surfing: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Super Antispyware

If in the odd chance something does get through all this and I notice it, I do a free ESET online scan.


There are dozens upon dozens of good anti-malware solutions, and McAffee isn't one of them. Their SiteAdvisor website checker is okay. Better than nothing, I suppose.

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Hi Guys,

As a happy Saiga an M76 owner I've been mostly reading gun related stuff here. This site was always a great source of news!


You talk about desktop stuff here, but I though you might be interested in topographic navigation as well... For IOS users there is excellent TACNAV app in the Istore, but no good military apps for Android. We had a go with this app during the JTAC exercise in Slovenia last week. It looks promising for the serious business as well.


You can find it on Google play:





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