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Need input-Bolt lock up seems 'notchy',hanging up

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Hi Guys, been too long since I have been on the forum.


Hey I have a question or issue. My S12 bolt seems to 'hang up' at the point where it rotates to lock up i.e. if I DO NOT let it slam shut like normal and try to slow it with the hand it hits a point where I have to smack the back of the charge handle to get it to go into battery. I have disassembled the bolt and carrier and from what I see there are a couple areas where the metal has been 'dished or diveted' in the machined camming slots. I have tried to smooth the burrs and stuff to relieve the issue because if I 'hand manipulate' the bolt these areas definitely seem to be the issue, but it still does not seem right that it should be this way. Now I did buy it used but it does not appear to have been abused. I am thinking heavy loads and soft metal.


Any help on this would be great as i believe you should be able to hand cycle a S12 slowly like you can with a normal CF AK- none of those that I own act like this and this is my only S12 so i do not have any other to compare with and I realize the bolt system is different vs a reg AK rifle bolt assy.


Thank you all and if I need to do work on it i will need to do it my self, no place in the PRK to take it too....I believe all the gunsmiths -public advertised- are all worthless ass snitches.


I also need to have a 5 rd mag modded with a slot and a lever on the follower because i have to have the mag 'fixed'. I cannot remember if Indy or Cobra or ?? did this.


I am trying to decide if I should ask for a letter from the DOinJ here if a mag fed shotgun is still illegal IF it takes a 'tool' to remove the mag. If you use a bullet or something to push the mag release(box surrounds the mag release except for a slot) then it is NOT a 'detachable mag' as written in the current regs-for rifles.... :cryss::unsure:


Thanks and it is good to be back and -wow- a number of changes!

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Mine sorta kinda does that too

I never worried about it

it does have some slight wear on the cam parts mainly one corner of the guide channel, but no peening or disformation

It is not near as bad when it's lubed up real good.

I'm interested to see if this is normal,..

mine is 2001 (was 22" barrel)

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Thanks I looked at the links but I still am concerned since you said yours does not have any 'peened' or 'diveted' sections-if i read right. Mine has the worn spots /issue spots RIGHT where the machined rotational/cam cuts are don, so the bolt rides in the slots then right where it should rotate smoothly into battery it hangs up. This even happens when there is no mag in it,so any issues of rubbing against or mag interference is removed.


Hey Tony,Dinzag,Cobra,Indy,any of you other modders out there,can you give me your input also? I guess I could ship the bolt and carrier but not the whole shottie.


With the price of these things I do not think I will be able to get another......but I should look into getting a spare carrier and bolt assy somehow.

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I had the bolt hanging up in the bolt carrier on a new S12. There was peening in the bolt carrier channel as evidence that the bolt was impacting a "flat" part of the channel when closing. I ended up cutting the angled part of the channel a little deeper so that the bolt entered the angled part of the channel and started rotating without harshly impacting any part of the channel.


Here is the thread I had posted on it.



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I will take some pics and try to get them up tonight/tomorrow asap.


Thanks Cobra-glad to see you are still here--after some of the past crap.

I think I saw you on the AK files?--you on there now?


I am 'DisgruntledReaper' on there..I was a bit pissed(upset and buzzed) when I joined there and hence the name.


SW44-thanks I will have a look...

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