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If you're on the Tromix "List" Send in your gun now.

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I am running low on guns to work on, so if you are on the Tromix waiting list anywhere from Number 170 - 552, send your gun in for work now. Melissa is calling a pile of guys every day, but many don't have guns to send in, have no money at the moment, or are just lazy and never send the gun in.


Don't make me take a vacation......I might not come back. ;-)


Tony Rumore

Tromix Corp

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post-3950-1213746635_thumb.jpg ???






(.......heh, heh, heh......................)


I'm not on the list but I have a Saiga 12 sitting here waiting for a conversion to a 12" SBS. There's no reason to run out of work. :devil:

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The .223 heavy barrel target rifle is on the back burner at the moment.



I'm honestly not concerned about any time frame...........just thought I'd toss it out there..........

I enjoyed just posting a pic of it !! Hell, ain't it purty ????? Oh yeah !!!!

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The Tromix supply has dwindled pitifully low...about waist deep I'd say...



Gee Bob, upon posting that photo..... Some are naturally going to wonder whether any of those Saiga boxes contain S-12s or not, don't ya think?????????????

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Every box in that picture contains an S-12.

Dude, the reason I stated... what I stated is because it has been my understanding that Tony announced a few weeks back that he has "run out of" his stockage of S-12s to fill the remaining customers' orders (i.e., orders such as the one that I have with him).


Your photo... and now this reply from you, indicates otherwise.



Anwway, as usual, I've likely said too much. Without question, you and I are.... like.... from two different planets, if not different dimensions entirely. <_<


Have a great day.

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I'd ship mine today if the waiting list was opened up again. I'm guessing (and hoping) with the Saiga 12 drought we're having and the other work inhibiting factors Tony mentioned that the list just might open up again. With my luck the list will open, I'll get on it, send my gun in, and the next day my MD20 will arrive. :mellow:

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