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I want one!

just wondering how much? American shooters has them for $600., is there a better deal?


I snagged mine from my friendly neighborhood gunn runner for $575 +tax. $609.50 out the door. Another LGS's price was $629 +tax. So I think I got a pretty good deal. But I would've paid more. I wanted it and was GONNA have it no matter what. :smoke:


killa, I also have the XD-40SC. Great gun! Handles unbelievably well especially for a .40 with a short barrel. :super:

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I can't wait to here the range report,.. that one peice looks like a belt mount double magazine holder,..?? is that what it is?



Yes, GG it's a double mag holder.


Thinking I may hit the range tomorrow morning.


I've got an itch. :smoke:

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Got out to the range this morning. Took my 14 yr old along (caddy :D ), and we put the first 200 flawless rounds thru the new XD-40 (M).


Gun shot to POA, and I was able to achieve 4 inch groups at 50 ft. offhand. I know the gun will easily do better than that, but it has been a while since I last shot.


All-in-all, a great gun! I'll be keeping this one. May even try it in a few IDPA matches. B)

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I will stick to the tried and true XD-9 service. I already got a shitload of gear for it as I own two and just bought a compensated model for $399. I've handled the XDM and am not impressed enough by it to spend my cash buying new accessories.

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