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My ported gas tube

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i decided to do this mod today after reading about the positive results. i did manage to get one side fairly straight, but i wasnt so lucky on the other side. i did figure out a good way to keep things lined up (hence one good side) . too bad i didnt figure it out before i started :rolleyes: .


first off, a drill doctor is the way to go here. i sharpened my bit after 2 holes which helps keep the bit from wandering. next, you definatly need a starter hole. i tried using a center punch but it wasnt enough. so i took the smallest drill bit i could find, and trimmed a bit off of the shaft. the idea is to have the bit sit deep into the drill press chuck. i had only about 1mm of bit sticking out, which eliminated wandering and was just enough to make good starter holes.


i would love to do my handguards next, but i think i'll wait till i pick up a cross slide vise...

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