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Hello I have a deposit for alittle over 200 for a vz-58 and I am trying to finalize my order and get it shipped to my FFL. But I am trapped between my ffl who doesnt return my emails and then when I call email etc the online firearms dealer I cant get a response. I have sent 3 emails over 5 days and nothing when I called I was told that they will only take emails(the guy told me he was not a secretary). Question how long do you think it takes to get a response. I know they are busy but I am a paying customer and I am ready to complete my order. I am a little concerned about sending more cash to them. What would you do? BOTH OF THESE COMPANIES ARE VERY BIG AND YOU ALL KNOW THEM.

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Since it has only been a few days, I would give it a little more time. If they still can't be bothered then, I would get a refund and buy from someone else. My local gun store ordered my VZ-58, and I had it within a week or so. Good luck! I think you'll like the VZ-58. I sure like mine.

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It's very simple.


Take your money order down to your FFL in a pre-addressed envelope.


Ask him to place his license in it and send it on its way.


A lot of businesses are busy handling other parts of the business and find that answering phones and emails keeps them from packing, shipping, etc.


P.S. If you tell us the name of the place you're buying from, we can definitely give you a 'yay' or a 'nay'.

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I knew it! Blaine can come across "grumpy" on the phone if you don't know him.. I assure you he is 100% professional.... I have bought from him several times and will do so again with out hesitation...


The guy has a "To Do" list I would never want to face on a single day... let alone every day....


Blaine will not do you wrong.....

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Blaine @ Atlantic Firearms is a good dude............

He went above and beyond for me back in the days of the AGP 10-rounder scramble !!


Patience pays off every time.......and impatience will mostly screw you......(see MDArms threads)



Thanks alot- I paid it off and we are good to go. no problems

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