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Received my Drums

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:lolol: :lolol: :lolol: , Hey bro this is how shitty my luck is, I dropped my guns off at the Sheriff department this morning at about 0930 for the simple reason I don't trust anybody and I'm leaving the country for a month. Well UPS delivered my drum at 1200. So I've been staring at a drum and no fucking shotgun to put it in. FUCK!!!!!!!! That's my luck though. When I received my tracking# it said it would be delivered the 12 of Sept. Well they rescheduled for today, now ain't that a peach. Oh well gotta look on the bright side, it arrived before I left country. I even drove to a city near where I live about 72 miles and found the UPS station it would pass through and asked if I could pick it up there, luck would have it that they hadn't received it yet and I would have to wait until today. Believe me Waltham I'd be fucking some shit up right now still If I had my shotty. I'm gonna get super drunk when I get to Germany to kill the pain. :lolol::super:


If you receive yours before I get back fuck some shit up and post it so I can see. I will still drop in on the forum when I'm down there. :super: :super: :super:



Puke up some Kimchi on somebody...you'll feel better......

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Received my drum yesterday and I actually read and followed the directions to fit the drum on my early Saiga-12. A small bit of filing was necessary on the rear of the drum feed tower and a slot down one side for Jeric's LRBHO and it fit perfect. I hand cycled a few times some Remingtom high brass #4 shot and it fed fine. Now to the range this weekend!!



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Got a notice in my mailbox day before yesterday saying I had a "parcel" at the post office for pick-up.


Today I had a chance and made the drive hoping it would be the drum, as I couldn't remember ordering anything else lately.


Got to the PO and it turned out to be a book that was back ordered. :(


So I drove home dreaming of the day I'd get my drum.


Turned onto my street and spotted Mr. Brown ahead.


My heartbeat sped up.


He went past my drive... :angry:


But then he slowed...stopped...


And the back-up lights came on! :huh:


He backed into my drive and we both grinned at the same time. :D


I signed and he handed me the box! My drum! :super:


Thanks Mike! :up:

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Some may think it's a hassle to have to fit them to their guns but you have to remember that there are lots of S-12s out there with different mag catch tolerances so it's better to have one a little too tight and have to file it some, than it be too loose in the guns with the shorter catches. All original factory S-12 mags come with instructions to file them to fit if necessary.


I'm sure glad you guys are finally getting these drums! Life is good! :smoke:

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