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For real CCW, look at Fist-inc.com. Good leather and Kydex rigs for reasonable rates. I love their #20 IWB rig and have it for 4 of my guns. I also like the Galco Summer Comfort IWB rig for my 5" 1911s. Blade-Tech makes great range holster out of Kydex. BlackHawk CQC Serpa holsters are great if you want retention capability and easy learning curve draw. Hope this makes your choices easier. :devil:

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Depends on your carry, but I like the Milt Sparks IWB.

+1 Specifically the VM-2 and their 1 1/2" belt. I have them for Officer, Commander & Government size as well as misc. other pistols. If you want to buy once they are the place to go. If you like buying a lot of different cheap holsters to find one you like they will not be for you. You will also need a good belt for comfortable carry. I have no problem concealing under a t-shirt.

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Just make sure it has the recommended features. 1) fully covers trigger guard 2) preferably reinforced opening on leather holsters to keep it open for on handed re-holstering 3) covers entire gun slide forward of grip/frame, those slim belt slide holsters sometimes catch the front sight and cause you to grab at gun as it feels like it is slipping out of your hand. Can lead to accidental Kaboom if you fail to index properly. 4) preferably not small of back, for CCW. If you get knocked down ( a good possibility in a confrontation) can injure your spine and damage gun.


Just some advice take it or leave it.

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i carry 1911's al day both full size bushinless setup and micro compact my preferred carry holster for 1911 since it is recomended cock and locked with safety on is the galco fletch holsters.. they are about $70 ea. good heavy leather brown or black, great stiching full coverage including thumbstraprecomended for any 1911 , i dont care what you're argument is,, the fletch has enough rake, about 30 degress forward to it to make a 1911 comfortable.. inside the pants i switch to a glock... a little easier to hide a 26/27 in pants of a fat boy. oh and fletch holster is an ultra high ride. so a full size 1911 is very concealable even in the sitting position.. . i liked them so much i started using them for glocks too.

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yep, check these guys out, best holsters for the money i've seen....



+1. I own two of their CTAC holsters (G1 slide for my Glock 19, and 1911 slide for my Para LTC SS).


I'm planning on a comp-tac. Read many reviews that they are great and made upon ordering here in Texas.

Comp-Tac is a Houston company... you'll get your stuff lightning-fast from them.


Or if you want to look at their stuff in person before buying, the pro shop at Top Gun indoor range (59/Fountainview area) has a Comp-Tac section that gets restocked weekly. They don't have *everything* on display, but they do have a lot of CTACs, mag carriers, and OWB holsters since those are the biggest sellers.

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