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2-round magazines

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Hello all, I want to use the saiga 12 to hunt this year but I can only use three rounds at a time. I know they sell 2 round magazines for this gun, but I can't find them anywere. Does anyone know where I can find some in stock, also what is the average cost of these? Thanks a million.. :killer:


Hard to find and not cheap. It's more of collector thing for the hard core fan's, but you could plug a 5 round mag. Even mossy's come with a wooden rod for less capacity. Or if you call MAA they may have one or two of the tromix floor plat left to mod a 10 round mag. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=112159824 Like that. 2 round would be 2nd down on mag.


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If I want to make a Magazine block for my 5 rounder what size does it need to be?


I would put two rounds in the mag, without the floorplate and spring inside of it. put your block in and then cut to fit..make it a little shorter so it can seat on a closed bolt.



at least that is the way i would do it. sorry i don't have the exact measurement

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I e-mailed RAAC about the 2rd mags and he said:


Hi ,


Thank you for your interest in our products. We import a 2 round in a 5 round body. It seems the factory subs out the 2 round magazine and it is too high in price for us to buy once they tack on their markup. So all we have at the present is the 2 in a 5 round body. Here is a web site to check out for accessories. www.SaigaStock.com


Clyde Woods

Sales & Marketing


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I know I'm digging up some old stuff but oh well... Is it possible to plug a 5 rounder to 3 round capacity and not be able to insert the mag on a closed bolt? If so wouldn't you think the capacity will meet the 3 shot limit many states have? If possible I'd prefer this over 2 round mags. Any thoughts?

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