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Polychoke what are the slots for?

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I think the original idea was to vent the gas so it would not blast the exiting shot charge as much. The thinking was that the gas would make the patterns larger. I believe it was an idea that worked better in theory than practice, however a lot of tourney shootere are using vented barrels to improve pattern consistency. I do not think the vents on a poly chole will make much difference.

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The slots enable the choke to act as a muzzle brake. A part of the recoil from any firearm is the jet of gas that follows the projectile out of the barrel. If you can divert that gas to the side, you will reduce recoil. The effectiveness of this varies greatly, depending on the cartridge, the firearm, and the design of the brake.


The Poly-choke was an early design but were very popular for a long time. How effective the slots are in actually reducing recoil, I couldn't say.

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