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Optimal Barrel Length?

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This was posted by Jason Hinkle over on Subguns. Jason got me into the Saiga market back in 2004 and owns the very first prototype 12" Tromix SBS. He's a pretty colorful guy.......



Hinkle writes......


OK so I finally took most of the shotguns out for a spin on the old Chronograph. What I found is that, basically, those of you chuckleheads with no empirical data who have been yapping your cockholsters about how short barrels on shotguns seriously affect ballistics are fucking wrong. Lots of wrong. Like I said long ago, shotgun powder IS pistol powder- it burns fast and quick, and barrel length doesn't fucking matter that much.


I can't .PDF a spreadsheet on this computer so I'll get really slow and dumb like those who talk out their ass about ballistics with no basis in reality and list the average FPS for the shot strings.


First, using shitass birdshot- 12 gauge, 2 3/4 inches, 1 oz shot

12" barrel average FPS- 1040

14" barrel average FPS- 1069

18" barrel average FPS- 1114

19.5" barrel average FPS- 1114

20" barrel average FPS- 1108

28" barrel average FPS- 1159


Then using Remington 00 Buck-

12" barrel average FPS- 1121

14" barrel average FPS- 1127

18" barrel average FPS- 1216

19.5" barrel average FPS- 1205

20" barrel average FPS- 1182

28" barrel average FPS- 1250


Wow- 119-129 FPS velocity loss in 16 inches of barrel. That's devastating. Oh wait- no, it's actually not, it's fucking nothing at all and is actually about the same velocity variation in factory loaded ammo. I will feel as comfortable fucking up a bear using a shotgun with a 12 inch barrel as I would using one with a 28 inch barrel. Those of you clammering over 20 gauge Serbu Super Shortys rather than the biting sting of a 12 gauge to dust up a gravel pit should stick with the shortest of shotshells. I wouldn't want you to drop your purse while shooting.




Not a huge difference.

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