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Who does the best conversions?

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Whats up guys, I am looking to convert my saiga, but I live in an apt. so I have no work bench. Who can I send my Saiga to that will do quality work? Thanks guys. -Dan


Just look through the business members section and you will find several that do superb work.

Tromix, Cadiz, Cobra, and Gunsmoke are just a few. Click on their icon and look through their site to see what fits your budget and where they are located. The all offer everything from basic conversions to more extensive combat rifle set ups. You can also get better ideas of what is available by looking at what they have to offer. In the beginning there were no parts made just for Saigas. You had to use what ever surplus AK parts you could find. The guys here came up with all kinds of new ideas and went to work. It is because of them that you can now get AR mag adapters, Shark breaks, 20 round drums and what ever else you can think of. You ask 10 different people who does the best work and you will probably get 5 or 6 different answers. What most agree on is who not to send your gun to. There are a few and I don't think any of our business members are on that list. Poor quality work and companies that won't try and correct their screw ups don't last very long here. Shop around in our business member section and see what best fits you needs. They are scattered around all over so you might even find one within driving distance from you.

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If you have a dremel tool and a big piece of cardboard to slap on your dining room table you can do this conversion yourself.


I converted this rifle that way at my patio table while listening to Michael Savage on election day and completed it before his show was over except for the touch up paint and feedramp install.


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I did mine sitting on my floor, using a corded drill that looks like it was made in the 70's. It's not as involved or complicated as you think.


But if a self-conversion is out the window, then I agree with madmilo, check out the "Business Members" section.

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Who does the best conversions? -Dan

I do.


After doing one and thinking about starting on another I can confidently said that I may well be the Master Saiga Converter of all times. We live in a time when experience and qualifications are vastly overrated! What is more important is that I am different!


Sadly, I am not a SOT or even an FFL holder, ergo I would advise you to look to our business members, they would be your second choice. :rolleyes:

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