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Unless you are going to go on the offensive, buy guns and ammo instead. If you are planning to escape to a more defenseable place, remember that mobility is your best protection .

To sum up my logic for when to use body armor - if I were storming a meth lab I would have the best I could afford. If I were running a meth lab I would have good running shoes and a Tech-9!

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I remember reading some of FerFal's stuff about the political collapse in Argentina. Also a guy writing about the soviet callapse, and another guy's account of the South African societal breakdown. Both basically said;


Body armor is worth more than money, drugs, guns, or fuel when the SHTF. You still have to go work if you have a job, still have to go to the store, you cant stay hidden in your house for years - you need to visit freinds & family and entertainment activities, doctor visits, kids going to school. The police are still there, but under more oppresive orders, so you can not run around strapped in to your saiga-12 - fact is that your rifle will only be good for home defense. When thugs attack you, they will shoot you in the back as you leave the store, ambush you as you go into your house, drive by in a moving car and shoot you, or jack you in your car at a stop light. There will be no street battles with military carbines or snipers perched on rooftops, the desperate scum of society will try to snuff you out with common concealable pistols. Lightweight concealable class II body armor was mandatory for these people, they wore it daily just like socks and underwear. They all say that if they could prepare all over again, they would spend less money on expensive rifles and more on body armor, concealable pistols, generators, and getting out of debt. Yes, after the SHTF, debt collectors will still be around.

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you can get armor just about anywhere, i'd get used to save $$, and get nothing less then class III

used armor can often be a very bad choice. the plates shouldn't matter much, but the kevlar in the vest can quickly become worthless if 'mistreated'... (like machine washing, lol, sad but true)


by buying used, you really have no way of knowing if the 'soft' armor parts have been mistreated or not. so it's a huge gamble.

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