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If you have any interest & a pocket full of money...

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This is the Aresenal SLR 107FR and is selling for $1000 at GIlberts. It is not a Saiga but a Bulgarian AK that is already 922r compliant and uses regular AK magazine. Includes a folding stock. :) The barrel is chrome lined. I wonder how long these will be around?





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not too bad of a deal...i wish i had some extra cash to throw around...

Would someone explain to us less informed guys how a Bulgarian would be 922 compliant?

It is manufactured in Bulgaria by the Arsenal Company, then it is imported to Arsenal Inc. in the US. Arsenal Inc. puts on enough American made parts to bring it into 922r compliance. Looked at one the other day and it seems to be a very nice rifle and probably less money than you would spend doing a conversion if you have it done. Already finished. If you like the looks and price, I wouldn't wait too long. If you go to the Arsenalinc.com site you will find many discontinued items that are slick. i.e. - the 5.45 that JesseJames wants is now discontinued. These seem to be limited availability and that is only going to get worse. You snooze, you lose. JMHO



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