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Painful blast from the past

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yep,everyones taking a drink of the good ole days koolaid again,back then at the shows some dealers couldnt give them away,remember x39 ammo $79 for 1000rds,$50-70 sks $200 rommys,norino AKs $300,HK91 $550,colt AR15s $550 the good ole days

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I remember when I bought mine from CDNN when it arrived at the gunshop it drew a crowd from

customers and employees. They had never heard of one.


The price for S-12s were $259... I should have bought more.




I still get a lot of this at the gun range. People look at you, but I reckon they think it's an AK from it's look. Once I start shooting it, people start wandering over asking what the heck it is.

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I remember seeing one at a local gun show for $225. The guy said that the problem was that you could not get the 8 round mags and the 5 rounders where hard to come by, so I passed on it. There being little point in a box magazine fed shotgun that you can not get extra mags for.


If only I had known what was going to happen in the coming years.

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Just saw this on TheFirearmsBlog:




Circa 2001 :angry:


I got my 2001 Saiga-12 from that same CDNN sale from a local dealer (Dark Sun). I was originally looking for a Remington 1100 to trick out and use in 3-gun when I saw in the dealer's stack of new arrivals, this peculiar semi-auto AK Russian 12 gauge that used a box magazine and less than $300!!?? Well, I thought "even if it's a POS, it's got a certain wicked/ bling factor". I bought it on the spot (along with six 5 round magazines) and years later (and a few thousand shotshells) my Saiga is far from out of the box look and I never found a need for that Remington 1100.

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