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question on Dinzag stuff...

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I just tried to email them earlier, but got a failure notice. So I figured the homies here would know;

I just bought 2 of the fabulous trigger pacs from Texas ak, now a vendor

listed on Saiga 12, and I am going to go ahead and do full conversion

However, if I buy the buttstock, and pistol grip from Dinzag, along with

the bullet guides, do the stock and grip, as well as other parts, come

with the neces-

sary hardware/screws/nuts/etc. to assemble them/put them on? and if not, does Dinzag sell the hardware?

Thanks Rangerruck.

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I've never used the original stock mounting setup(always hacked it off and used a different rear trunnion) but I ASSume you can reuse the same screws that were in the factory stock.


As for the PG I don't believe that comes with the nut and threaded rod. Namely since he sells that separately.


Its part # "AKPGNS" on this page http://dinzagarms.com/misc_parts/misc_parts.html


Dinzag has two options for each type of bullet guide. One thats a "kit" and one thats just the guide. The kit comes with a drill bit to drill the hole in the receiver, a tap to tap the drilled hole, the correct socket cap hex screw, an Allen wrench for the screw, and the guide. So everything you need. Just make sure you get the kit :)

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I reused my factory stock screws (2 of the 3) in the K-Var stock I got from Dinzag. Just have to drill a couple holes in the stock. The PG nut he sells comes as shown, just the PG nut. I know the SAW grip comes with the 6mm bolt for the PG nut. Dinzag also sells the trigger guard hardware so don't forget that.

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Oh no; I see it can use the origional trigger guard, you just need to get the extra screws for it to be used.


Yes, the original trigger guard can be modified (trimmed) and reused. I just tuck the front end under the mag catch tower and screw the back end down. It works great.

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I got a bullet guide for my 7.62x39 and the only thing I needed extra was a tool to hold the tap. $7 at ACE.

Using his instructions and being very careful, it went perfect and both the factory and hi cap mags feed like butter into a hot ... nevermind..


It worked great.

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