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This is our thread for feedback here at forum.Saiga-12.com





FIRST FEEDBACK: for TheHomelandSoldier.....A+ Awesome. Holy Cow Batman! Fast Payment! Thank You. Very nice guy. Great Communication.

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+1 for KC913. Shipped out some AK74 brakes fast and at a good price!! Thanks!

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Thanks RDS!! Drum is on it's way!!!!

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Tomac sold me 6 gun cases, all of which were exactly as described, and shipped them the same day i mailed him his money. Good to see people out there that work on other's and thier own word.


BattlerifleG3 sold me a wooden stock a ways back. got it about a week after mailing him his money. fast deal, item as described.


Randy at Blackjackbuffers.com sold me a bunch of parts. there was a discrepancy with what was shipped (an dorder was mixed into mine on accident somehow), and he did good by me right away as well as the other customer, no questions asked. great guy to buy from, good products, fast shipping, and excellent communication.


ASSASSIN and I worked out a deal for me to recieve a choke set for him and send it to him on trust. I asked for fishing lures in return, and he sent me a bunch of them right away, before even getting his parts. EAA had a malfunction with their website, sent the wrong parts, and we both worked it out easy enough, and I sent him his choke set when it finnally got here. another trustworthy guy. he satisfied my requests to prove his identity and legal ownership of his saiga, and gave me the info I needed to ship barrel parts into the UK without a problem, so it was a transaction and favor i had a clear concience of.


If i forgot someone, PM me.

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Ill keep a running feedback here of any transactions


02/09/05 smithmonsters

I BOUGHT a couple of s12 mags and payed via Paypal.

I had the mags as advertised 2 days later! Thanks man!


02/24/05 IndyArms

I BOUGHT an SKS grenade adapter and payed via Paypal.

Got a great deal on an awesome toy, that looks brand new! Thanks!


03/08/05 Blackjack

I BOUGHT almost all my conversion parts, for 2 s12's on his site www.blackjackbuffers.com

Very quick to answer questions and help out.

Had a small issue with my order, but was resolved immediately.

Randy really went out of his way to satisfy me as a customer.


04/25/05 TheHomelandSoldier

I BOUGHT a bunch of SKS accessories at a great price.

Ship fast and everything as mentioned in post! Thanks!


05/04/05 AK-tre08

I SOLD him an AK buttplate.

Very fast payment, thanks man!


05/10/05 oak

I SOLD him a low profile scope mount.

Very fast payment, good communication, thanks!


06/01/05 lynnkcircle

I SOLD a low profile scope mount.

Very fast payment, quick friendly communication, thanks a lot!

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I've sold a lot of mags to a lot of people here, from Saiga .308 and 12, Ruger mini, AR15 and AK mags... and every member was great to deal with. A few names stand out, but I have to say all I have dealt with here were honest and fair. I hope everyone is happy with what I was able to provide...


And if I get more Saiga mags, or find more stashed in my storage, I will post them here, for the Saiga enthusiasts...


...and thanks for the compliment dodgeturbointerceptor, you are truly a contributor (in your own, very entertaining way) to this board...


Thanks all,



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1/25/05 I BOUGHT a shotgun and mags from NOKNEES... PERFECT AS DESCRIBED!!!


2/05 I SOLD some stocks to TEXIAN... QUICK TO pay... excellent transaction..


2/05 I BOUGHT an AR15 stock adapter from RDSwriter (I believe)... PERFECT!!!!


2/05 I SOLD a stock to "someone else"... if you got one from me... let me know, I will edit this post with your name!!!


2/17/05 BOUGHT from Blackjack ( on the website) AR stock ARFX.. It was here VERY QUICKLY!! amazing!


2/20/05 SOLD grenade launcher for SKS to Whatthedil... INSTANT PAY! no worry there!


2/21/05 SOLD to DODGETURBOINTERCEPTOR one 8 round MAGAZINE.. instant payment.. he is truly a man of honor...


3/01/05 BOUGHT from NY-proletariat 7.62SX39 SAIGA.... EXCELLENT!! hes got a half dozen more for Saigas for sale, too!!! 7.62's and 308's!!!


3/06/05 SOLD to SaigaMan7.62 three grenade launchers, fast paypal pay.


3/07/05 BOUGHT from HKTOME Saiga .308 wood set... PERFECT CONDITION, fast shipping!! AWESOME STUFF!!!


3/11/05 SOLD to MACROPHAGE 2 thumbhole stocks, VERY PROMPT payment!! Thanks again!!!


3/11/05 BOUGHT from SERVO77 some magazines... AWESOME prices, AWESOME MAGS!!!!!


3/01/05 BOUGHT from CHUCKU dragunov Choate stock for AK!! SUPER FAST shipping, GREAT PRICE!!! Came well packed, awesome deal!! Thanks!!!


5/02/05 SOLD to SUICIDE BOPPER Flash Hider for Saiga 12. Quick payment, great communication. Thanks Bopp!


5/22/05 TRADED 2 Saiga shotguns, and some cash With Alex WAKAL for a BEAUTIFUL DPMS AR-15! One amazing guy, a pleasure to deal with... Other than hes a very busy man with competitions... but when you are one of the top ranked guys on the globe... that is completely understandable!!! Thanks again Alex!!


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Bought the Bullpup from DTI!! Good gun, good deal with a pelican case and a sling!!


He forgot the Pelilocks 3 weeks ago, I hassled the guy for a while with PM and he keeped forgetting, but i understood cause he's a patient guy and a family man.


So what did Dodge do, he paid almost $4 to send me the locks on 021705 and they arrived on 021805. That was awesome in it's self, then to make up for the time waited, Dodge threw an extra $10!!


A total of almost $15 where spend on these locks. The locks themselves are worth like $50! The pelican case used is maybe worth $80.


Dodge Gave me a steal.


Dodge gets a lot of crap for been a jarhead and talkative, but is truly a wise and fair business person.



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I did business with Pistonring8 in the last couple of weeks. We struck a deal on some conversion parts. Not surprisingly he is a man of his word and was great to work with. He quickly sent the promised money order and even sent me a copy via a PM. We are both happy with the deal. I'd do business with him again without hesitation. Besides he has a warped sense of humor like myself and a number of other strange characters on the forum.

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This ones for IndyArms!!!


Outstanding, Stand Up guy!....


And takes care of Forum Members even at a cost to himself!!!!


Good Looking Out! And I will be sure to take care of you in NY! I'm buying!!! What are you Drinking!!!!


IndyArms=The Best!


Thanks for the 8 rounder brother!

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I want to leave good feedback for slag. He met me in person and delivered a fine S12 in perfect cond. just like he said. He's very businesslike in his deals and has good communication through email and telephone. Would buy from him again. Thanks slag.

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Like I don't have to brag about JohnnyMaceldoo & his Saiga 12 Flash Hider/Supps...But I am anyways!!....Product was Way more better than he even said!!..Snappy delivery!!.....OUTSTANDING Communication!...


Thank you thank you! I was wondering when someone would give me some good feedback :smoke:

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