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Chaos Warthog Function test!!!!!

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I think the door breach looks pretty awesome, curious why you all would rather not have it?


None of my weapons have anything on them for "looks" If it doesn't have a function that I need, it simply isn't there. I don't need to have any pointy things adding to my OAL, I'll leave that stuff to the tacticool crowd.

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Hey Cameron don't get me wrong brother I like bling and cool looks to, some of your ideas and projects are just totally insane (and I mean that in a good way) you have a wild imagination and the talent to make it happen, it's just that I have a shark break and I love it but those persuader points really do a job on furniture, upholstery, people and anything that happens to come in contact with.

As a matter of fact Tony not to long ago came out with a suppressor without the spikes himself and I'm getting it on a S-17 he's building up for me this week, but your break looks like it has some serious potential to tame the beast so I really think I wanna give it a try just without the points, possibly a ¼" ring at the muzzle of the unit to make it a "cage" type deal.

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I love the door breacher looks, in fact I've already pre-ordered. I also love the fact that it adds functionality. I don't PLAN on having to blast through any doors any time soon, but should the need arise, I'll have the perfect tool. That, and it looks menacing as hell. That's a good thing.


I can't wait to get mine. Thing looks BADASSICAL.

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Thats already a lot of votes for no spikes. :lol:


If I wanted one for my shotgun I would be interested in it as a breacher, I might blunt the spikes though just to protect my surroundings. However, if you can make the same claim as to its performance on your rifle models, I know I'm gonna want one and in that case no spikes would be the ticket for me.

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Thanks for putting in the effort and attention to design and build one more outstanding product for the Saiga. Not to be presumptuous, but if you are asking for opinions and are considering a second design/product I would definitely buy one without the breacher. I just don't want to rip my cases apart on the inside. Yours has the deisgn I want and it's steel so I can weld it to the barrel for the OAL.




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