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S12 5rnd mags

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Yep, besides an occasional "fitting" question (which in reality I hear with regards to every magazine there is an existence), I have yet to hear anyone say something negative about these mags! :)



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Mine took a little more fitting than i cared to do. I had to trip some off front and back, and even sand down the sides a little. I havn't had to touch my AGP's but every saiga12 is a little different(Go loose tolerances!). Still, once trimmed up it has functioned flawlessly. For the price you can get them at it may very well be worth the headach to fit them.

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Thanks everyone,


Just bought 3 from here, giving me 4 total 5rd mags and 2 12rd mags. Do I drop the $240 on the 20rd mag??!!


Yes, there are only about 25 left. Get them now or get them possibly never.

www.keepshooting.com shows apx 5000, or half the intitial order still in stock (the 5 rounders ,that is) FWIW :devil:

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Keepshooting.com are who imported them in the first place so they have tons. In General Saiga 12 mags are back in stock which is good. Once AGP catches up with their orders things should be good. My order for 10 rounders was just shipped by AGP and they show that they have over 900,000 10 rounders in stock. They are a stand up group over at AGP also. I spoke with them a bit while waiting for my mags to ship, nice guys. They did not hassle me about shipping legal mags to me because of the state I live in unlike others retailers that will go unnamed.

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