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It's not just another day....

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This thread got sooo much attention and finally I'm letting the cat out of the bag! That S17 with the Tromix Competition Stock was MINE!! and here she is in all her glory!












Thanks to Tony, his wife, Bob & Jeaux and everyone at Tromix I missed or don't know about!

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where did you get that shiney action? btw, that stock looks awsome on there.


Thanks to everyone for the compliments! Tony as everyone says is a Saiga Master!



I polished the entire action with a dremel, polishing compound and lots of time. Then I finished it up with a emery cloth.

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Sending mine in for the same fri. had to wait 3 weeks to get the cash up. I will go nuts waiting for my paperwork here :the_iron_man:


Hey I have seen that pic before= :greedy:



What number are you on the list? just doin a little research to see how long before i have to come up with the money.



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Nice shorty !!! Nice shirt, too !!!!

Nothing else in the world like a TROMIX gun !! You just have to smile when you're holding one.............

All the kudos go to Tony !!!!



Enjoy, Mike !!!!! ...........as much as you love it now, just wait............, it does not wear off, it gets better !!

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If I can get a set of these HG's will it work on the S17, it is a Krebs from what I understand?


Also, is there a way to re-coat the entire bolt assembly or can I strip & polish the Galil charging handle area where you welded?






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Well, I have been in this moon dust septic pit for about 2-3 weeks now and have had the Mrs. H check on the status of my beloved SBS...



Well, she went PENDING as of APRIL 8th!! Just a shame I'll have to wait till I get home to fondle her once again.

(The weapon, not the Mrs's......shhhhh dont tell her I said that.) :devil:



NFA Item: Tromix S17 SBS

Form Type: Form 4

Transferee Type: Trust

Forms Sent: 04 FEB 09 (Priority USPS mail w/Signature Req'd)

Forms Received: 09 FEB 09

Check cashed: 10 FEB 09

Pending Date: 08 APR 09

Approved Date: ?

Forms Received: ?

Examiner Name: Unknown

(Most likely will be Ted Clutter as he did my last one with same transfer agent)

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Yes I'm very pleased it's all coming together!


And, actually it was the MG that was giving me such a hard time. Suppressors, SBR and now the SBS have never been an issue. NCGS 14-409 states that the County Sheriff "MAY" sign based on how they feel. Nothing about the fact that I already have suppressors or an SBR mattered to him.

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Now, if I can just get back to the states & away from this damn dust bowl I could fondle her!!!! This deployment just got that much longer! :ded:

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That's a thing of beauty. Congratulations on the weapon and approval. Time will pass fast and soon you will be able to put it through the paces. Thanks for your service to the country during these politically ungrateful times.

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OK, so I FINALLY got a chance to take this bad girl out for a spin yesterday and I thought to myself..."This is going to draw LOTS of attention! :cryss:


Well, sure enough as soon as I unzipped the bag and pulled her out about 3-4 people to my left and right started pointing & whispering to one another. (I just chuckled under my breath :angel: ) It wasn't until I pulled several different boxes of 12ga ammo out did I see peoples mouths drop open WIDE. :eek: So now that I have everyones attention I started loading my factory 5 round mag...then I pulled from my bag a few AGP's..again the :eek: from everyone...((still holding back the laughter)) and for the GRAND FINALLY I pull out my MD20...OH MY GOODNESS you should have seen the looks :eek::cryss::ded: It wasn't until I loaded a mag and let off a double tap, yeah Tony's SRT addition is AWESOME, did I finish getting everyone else's attention at the range.


I got off the rest of that mag and 1 additional AGP before I was bombarded with questions, comments and the funniest I thought was ridicule!

A few people did however know the Tromix name and asked several questions and since they were the MOST knowledgable of the group I also let them pop off a few rounds each.


I would also like it to be known...I know Tony doesn't suggest this but I wanted to try some cheap WalMart bird loads to see if it would cycle.

I went through about 50 rounds WITHOUT a single FTF, FTE or any other malfunction.


So...without shock and amazement this without doubt my new found go to scatter gun. I can't wait to take it to Camp Lejeune's skeet & trap range...oh the traditionalist with their over and unders are going to SHAT THEIR PANTS!! :super::lolol::angel:

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