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Barnual, bear and wolf blackbox HPs - do they expand?

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Other than HP in wolf Military classic I can't find any recent info if Barnual's, Brown/Golden/Silver Bear or Wolf black box Hollow points expand in deer sized targets or if they would be good for self defense. The soft points tend to have some expansion but work well as deer rounds. Not sure on self defense with a soft point.

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I've never shot anything larger than a coyote or similar sized domestic animal with a 7.62x39. For the past several years I have only used brown and silver bear softpoints (mostly silver bear). I never recovered any bullets. I cannot say for sure if the bullets are expanding or not but it sure knocks them on their ass. I drew my brother-in-laws name for christmas and he wanted some hollowpoints for his SKS to whack coyotes. I bought him two boxes of Wolf hollowpoints. I'll ask him how they perform. I also purchased some silver bear 62gr softpoints in 223 for him and was told they do not expand well at all. He lives about 1 mile from the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Carlisle, Indiana and raises a few head of cattle. Seems the coyotes have a tendency of hanging out near the farm and eating his feral cats...

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I've done 0 testing so this is just what I've heard from others. The common rusky HP design is BS. Basically a hole drilled into an FMJ that causes no mushrooming at all. They act just like FMJ's.


Now soft-points on the other hand rock:




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FWIK, Eastern block ammo and Western block ammo are designed with totally different ideology. Eastern block ammo, FMJ or HP is not engineered or designed to expand. The eastern block ammo has a large air pocket in the nose of the bullet. It upsets, tumbles and goes sideways, sometimes completely reversing. This is what gives the bullet it's effectiveness. It definitely "will not" drill straight through as western block FMJ ammo does. The HP is designated as such to make it a hunting bullet, thus making it legal. It is never the less, pretty much the same as the FMJ bullets. The Wolf MC hollow point is the bullets I would use, but the other eastern bloc hollow point or FMJ bullets will work also. They will tumble upon impact.

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Actually, many, if not most, of domestic hollow point rifle bullets are not designed for expansion as well. Hollow point rifle ammunition is designed so that it has a base of jacket material that is perfectly perpendicular to the bore for maximum accuracy, rather than having an exposed lead base with the jacket on the edges of the base. The hollow point is due to the necessities of the manufacturing process for maximum accuracy, not for expansion, and is small relative to the dimeter of the bullet.

Hollow point handgun bullets, on the other hand, are generally designed to expand, and have large hollow cavities relative to the diameter of the bullet - often with the jacket material scored to facilitate expansion.

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