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New bolt-on Tromix charging handle (pics)

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I have only been one time, back in 2000 and I did not have a table at the time.

In my past experience, gun shows do ME no good. I can make more money staying home and answering the phone. I set up four times at the Wanamacher show in Tulsa ($160 for two tables) and sold exactly ZER0 four times straight. At the time I had complete Tromix AR's and uppers in 17 Remington, 20 Tactical, .223, 50AE, .458 Socom, 44 Rem Mag, and 440 Corbon....on the table, cash and carry....no takers, four times.



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Oh, yeah. I like to charge my S12s with my left hand. Easy enough to do on my Tromix but not so much on the others with a standard handle. Looks like I could just rotate the gun a little and grab this thing real easy. I like it.

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I like it.


I want one.


When can I send in the money?


I'm wondering though, do you think they'll stay on OK with the handle flying back and forth? I'd almost want to weld mine on. I had thought about an hourglass shaped piece similar to this, but couldn't figure out how to attach it.




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Tony how about a bolt on galil (did I spell that right) charging handle.


ETA: even if you had to drill a divot or small hole into the handle to hold it on.


That's actually something I've been talking to another member here about doing, only drilling and bolting all the way through the charging handle.

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I don't think it will have a problem staying put as long as the set screw is installed with loctite. Without thread locker, I doubt it would stay on for very long. That set screw is pretty damn big. It's 5/16-24 and will be sitting in the "saddle" of the charging handle, so if it started to loosen, you would notice it before the thing went South on you.


Regardless, I will test the prototype and make sure it works before selling any.



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It looks good but will the set screw be solid enough to hold the bolt-on extension to the charging handle since it will be moving at a high velocity during firing? Do you need to supplement the set screw with an adhesive? How much will each cost?




I guess you could always drill a hair into the bolt like the Dinzag hand-guard retainer and still use loc-tite to set the screw.

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That type of stuff sells for 10/22's. Who knows if it will for AKs?


chalk me up as a "valley biotch"...this is exactly what I have been looking for.....


As soon as I find out where Surly got this sweater, then I can go to the range in style... :haha:



When I was 20, I laughed when I saw a guy wearing a sweater over his shoulders. I thought it was really funny, because the fake rich people from 80's movies did it. Then I found out it was actual style, that people actually did that. They were not amused. When it is 90 degrees out, go to a boat person hangout, half of them are dressed just like this. And they have that fake pompous rich person accent too, it isn't just something out of movies!


It was like seeing a dragon in real life and not knowing what to do: run, or walk over and see if it is real.

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