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welp, I just dug out the ol' MEC 650, blew off the dust and bolted 'er down, found 300 or so WW 3 in. empty cases and a couple hundred REM. 209 primers, so I'm almost ready to rock N roll. I've got the 3/4 OZ charge bar (302-034)


What powder/bushing/wad combination would build a strong field load for the Saiga?


My favourite 1 OZ. 12 Ga trap load runs about 1350 FPS (chronographed 6 feet from the muzzle) and I'd like to get the same speed with the 3/4 OZ .410 for a dual purpose load, anybody doing this? will you share your load data?


BTW, I found new, primed, plastic hulls at Midway USA, $18.00/hundred. Good/bad ?


Thanks, paul

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Hey, 58 views X 10 days and not a single reply? I'm a noob to this board so I assumed that a reloading "Q" for the .410 belonged in the "reloading" forum, was I wrong? perhaps I should repost in the .410 section? Thanks, Paul. (if I peed in somebody's wheaties, I'm sorry. Just tryin' to find and share information)

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I believe the reason you have had no replies so far is because what your trying to do ( 410-bore + 3/4oz + 1350fps ) isn't possible without significantly overloading your 410 and potentially blowing it up.


For the 410-bore a 3/4oz. load is like the heaviest possible load in a 3" shell. Kind of like 1-7/8 and 2 ounce loads in a 12ga. 3" shell. Your not going to get them up to that velocity and keep them within pressure limitations.


Conventional Velocity vs. Shot Weight for 410-bore 3" shells are as follows:


3/4oz = 1,000-1,050fps.

11/16oz. = 1,100-1,150fps.

5/8oz. = 1,200-1,250fps.


Non-Conventional High velocity Shot Loads for 410-bore 3" shells:


9/16oz. = 1,300-1,400fps.

1/2oz. = 1,40-1,500fps.


Conventional Velocity vs. Shot Weight for 410-bore 2-1/2 shells:


1/2oz = 1,200-1,250fps.


Non-Conventional High velocity Shot Loads for 410-bore 2-1/2 shells:


7/16oz. = 1,250-1,350fps.

3/8oz. = 1,350-1,400fps.

5/16oz. = 1,400-1,450fps.

1/4oz. = 1,450-1,600fps.


With Slug loads you can usually push the velocity a little higher because slugs naturally produce lower pressures for the same weight due to the physics of the whole thing but that's about how it works without overloading to dangerously high pressures, having an extra long barrel, or making longer "wildcat" shells to hold more of a slower burning powder and more pressure spike reducing wadding that's all she wrote. Hard to play for keeps against the laws of physics and win.

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Hey, thanks for the reply. My MEC charge bar is throwing just over 9/16 Oz of cheap shot, (not very uniform, but ya load what ya got) although the bar is marked for 3/4 Oz. I'm currently loading 13.8 grains of 296 and this is a very close approximation to the factory WW superX 3 in. load, with clay buster wad's. It cycles the saiga just fine, but I want to get closer to the velocity of the 12 Ga. load (1300-1350) if I can, just to minimize the "mental adjustment" required when I change back and forth between guns. (although, I'm now shooting the .410 more than the 12, still breaking good scores from the 16 yard line) When I miss or chip a bird, I'm pretty sure it not the gun. Yea, I know the mouse gun ain't a trap gun, but it's deadly on doves and pigeons as well as a ton of fun on 5 stand. (some of my shooting buddies, especially the ones into "black guns", can't keep their hands off my new toy.)


I see no signs of over pressure or slammin' of the action on the Saiga, so I'm wanting to step up the charge weight, in small steps, until I do. 14 Gr. of 296 is the listed maximum in the load data I have found and runs about 1190 FPS out of my C. Daily 20 Ga. with sub gage tubes. I'll try to chronograph that load in the Saiga this weekend to see how much, if any, speed the gas action gives up.


Is anybody else out there doing any experimentation with faster powders or different wads?


While I'm not ignorant of the laws of physics , or the dangers involved when bending said laws, ( I appreciate the time you took to lay it all out in your post) I just can't seem to resist tweeking my loads for a specific purpose, in a specific gun. The Saiga strikes me as a pretty tough action, so I feel confident pushing it a little bit.


Some of the slug/buckshot loads I've seen on this board and others, are way hotter (perceived higher pressure) than what I'm working with now, I'm just inclined to be cautious and gather as much data as possible.


Every shotgun I've ever had, had a "Sweet spot" velocity wise, as regards pattern density. I don't expect the saiga to be any different, usually faster is better, but not always. I'm just floppin' around out here in the swamp, anybody wanna help? Thanks, Paul

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Its an old topic but i hope someone gets notice of it and spreads the news to all 410 users.

My slug load data tested and confirmed regarding their safety from a proffesional reloader (a friend).

10mm FMJ 180 grain Semi Wad Cutter slug/ Fiocchi 410/76 plastic hull/ Fiocchi 615 primer/ Vectan SP3 Powder 18 grains/ slug wad.

About 940fpe muzzle velocity. 5 Shots 2 MOA at 215 yards with a fixed (non magnified) Red Dot from a bench rest position.


10mm Lead Semi Wad Cutter Slugs 175 grain cast from a lee 410 - 175 mold. Same components except powder. Powder with this one allows for 20.6 grains.

4 Buckshot pellets of 8.6mm diameter 237.7 grain all together with a 40mm wad container same components except powder. Powder load is 15.5 grains. It performs around 1400fps. (Not muzzle velocity but actuall velocity of the 4 Buckshot pellets. Why not 5? Because their velocity will drop quickly.

& Another load would be the same formentioned with a CCI large pistol primer and brass cases but haven't tried it yet to devellop any data. Sure thing is the Magnum pistol primers combined with slow burning powder and long barrels work wonders!

I haven't confirmed the ballistic calculation tests by my self to give any details regarding fps and fps drop regarding distance etc. Will do this year though. But i shot it and it works well around 100+ yards and good enough at 150+ yards. You will reach 200+ yards if you know what you re doing but don't expect an ''effective range'' above it.

The 200 yards shots haven't been tested regarding penetration of skin and clothing so i don't know if they are reliable.

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