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Paint Touch up

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I use Rust-Oleum High Heat flat black (for grills). I've only used this for the bottoms during conversions. I don't think it holds up as well as the factory finish but it looks the same and looks good. Hell it's for grills and wood stoves, it should hold up to the heat of battle.

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the russian paint is well crap.. you can remove most of it with hoppes solvent and a white rag... we have refinished many of the saigas.. quick fix for you gun is brownells alumahyde II rattle can of flat black. $10.. online.. you must let it cure for a while to be fully hardened.. but it will eventually peel because you are applying it on crap paint... propper fix would be to: strip rifle ,remove original rusky paint.. chemically first, solvent or thinner,, then bead blast exterior to metal.. degrease 100% twice.

parkerize.. then paint with alumahydeII. this is the process we use.. any paint you apply must have clean surface to stick to it. we parkerize because its easy to set up on site or at home, from brownells too. anf paint sticks way better on top of park. now note ABSOLUTLY DO NOT USE ALUMAHYDE II ON INTERIOR PARTS IT IS TOO THICK.

yur gun will not work.. if you feel you must refinish insides also use a thinner coating ie tephlon moly something or other. or just avoid this. area. if you follow tis process above and let the rifle set for 3 to 4 weeks depending on humidity, alumahydeII does not bake, it air cures hard and is solvent resistant, you will have a rattle can finish that is very tough... and easlily touched up in the event you are able to scratch it . just another quick spray in the area and allow to dry

i have some pics of some i did that i use for hunting guns if i can find them i will post the here for you these were painted over 4 years ago and have been drug through the woods alot.. so finish on them is still good but not as new..








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