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Tromix update on parts shipments

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I've gotten my ass kicked lately on Tromix parts orders, but it looks like we are finally getting some breathing room.


Shark brakes are flying out the door with weekly shipments and we have hundreds more inbound over the next couple of weeks. The buttstocks are available, and there should be no shortages at this point. DIY kits will be flowing in about 15 days. We shipped several hundred a couple of weeks ago, but we have 800 more coming in to be kitted up. Hand guards are flowing in each week, and we have all the brackets in stock, going to powder coating tomorrow. Limbsavers are in stock, as well as limbsaver stocks. We have a new hand guard coming out that is full length like the OEM unit, but styled like our original. The picatinny rails for the gas block and top cover will be out in about 3 weeks (hopefully) as well as the AK oversize charging handle.


I appreciate your patience here.....I have only had my ass chewed by a few customers and I can deal with that.....just the cost of doing business. 99% of the Tromix customers are great guys to deal with, even when I fuck up their shit. I can't ask for more than that.


As far as gun builds....we should be into the 400's next week. The "Basic" conversion has already been completely on all the guns into the early 500's, so finish out won't take that much time.


If you want to chew my ass over the delays....call Melissa at 918 251-5640 and she will be more than happy to give you some good "phone"......I'll be working.


Tony Rumore

Tromix Corp

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If you want to chew my ass over the delays....


That's fucked up, that with your reputation, people still hassle you! People are fucking idiots if they don't realize you just can't rush a good thing . . . :nonono:


You've got a couple of my guns, but I don't care, I'll get them back when YOU'RE done with them! :super:

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Tony, I figure your the guy who would know about this.

I have the S-12 with the small plate on the bottom of the receiver. In doing a conversion, can the old trigger hole be used to attach a pistol grip to without having to make it larger?


I'm going to have to order your FCG and trigger guard if so :super:


OH, nevermind

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