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Your best home defense load is a combination of shells, in my experience. Load yourself a 3" shell or two with rocksalt. Have that in the chamber followed by your 00 buck. This helps show the police if you DO have to shoot an intruder that you didnt act in anything but self-defense, and hence you shouldnt have to go to the clink. I have had to shoot someone with rocksalt one time, and that was all they needed to get out of there. Also, whats even better than 3" rocksalt for a non-lethal deterrant is a pump-action 12 gauge. A crook hears THAT at night and thats not a good sound....usually sends them running. Plus you can pepper his ass ANYWAY with rocksalt on his way out the door : ) Just dont load the rocksalt too heavy with powder, because the wad wont separate from the rocksalt in close quarters and will still kill the poor bastard. Remember the saiga IS an autoloader, so you can use a round like this effectively because you dont have but 1/10th a second of time to wait to fire again. One of you reloaders out there should experiment with the powder charge and see what the minimal powder load is to cycle the action on the Saiga 12 with rocksalt. Its a smoothebore anyhow, so it shouldnt damage the barrel at all.

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