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Fantastic news that she is out of the dager zone! An overdose of that Hot Sauce is probably where the problem began. I know that when I OD on the habajero sauce I also have problems of a very personal nature. :) Give her a hug and tell her she is missed.



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Thanks guys. I have no doubt in my mind that your thoughts and prayers are what got me through this. They told me for a time, I wasn't able to breath on my own. That's some scary shit. I'm still pretty weak and will be getting some bed rest but I hope to be back up and going here very soon. I will go through my PM's and making sure Shannon knows about them.

When Shannon had to go home to take care of the animals, my son and daughter-in-law stayed with me all night, only taking turns to grab a nap in their truck. I am so blessed with such great friends and family. Bless you all.



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Hey Racegal20, good to see ya back. We need someone to keep us in line.

You tell them doctors that if they don't treat you like royalty, someone will

probably "take them out and shoot them as traitors"...... :D


We'll keep you in our prayers as you recover. Get some rest.



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