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stuck in the middle of conversion

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Okay so I get everything in there, the BHO is in, the pins are in, and I go to install the safety lever. Well, the safety lever won't freaken go back in because the BHO is in the way!! I try and try but can't get it done. So I decide I'll take it all apart and try it with the safety in FIRST.


Well, that isn't so bad, I get it all together but then I'm unable to loosen the safety so I can install the retainer plate.


On the S12 is using a retainer plate impossible? or do you have to modify the BHO with a dremel? I'm very irritated.


I started the conversion at 9:00 am, and was pretty much finished by 10:00 if not for this problem. Now it's 12:30 and I'm totally stuck.


What do I do?

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you just need to mod the retaining plate not the BHO




How did you get the safety lever in after the retaining plate was in with out modding the bho?

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Same thing happened to me. I used the same video, i never got the retaining plate to work, even tried to modify it. Lucky the fcg i got came with the sheperds crook and it been workin just fine. Yep, i spent a long ass time also, got all kinds of frustrated, all because i wanted to use the retaining plate.

I know a lot of peeps use the plate, but they need to modified and cobra sells modified ones. The sheperds crook been just fine tho.

Ya i couldnt find a video or easy install on the retaining plate. I even trided to notch out the saftey lever hole on the plate to try to get on with the saftey in, i even tried to bend it around and stuff, then it finaly broke.

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I see. What he did was grind off a bit of the safety, down at the bottom where it engages the back of the trigger. If I installed the safety lever first, it wouldn't rotate up and out of the way because it was contacting the disconnector. I couldn't put it in after the trigger assembly either because of the same reason. I'm a bit hesitant to gring off part of the safety mechanism... I think i'll just use the shepards crook...


Oh, just an FYI:


The trigger assembly is a Texas Trigger worked over by Cobra. I got my retaining plate from Cobra as well, it is modified as mentioned and pictured above, but I can see that in order for it to work I would have to first grind down the safety, which I do not want to do.

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I like the BHO. I can't lock in a drum or mag with the bolt shut for the life of me...


Anyway, I was able to put everything together by sticking the safety in first, then hooking the spring over the BHO last... Sure, it worked, but the shepard's crook doesn't engage the hammer pin. I can push it out with a punch with only moderate hand pressure.


I'm taking a break because I've been at this all day, for what should have taken no more than 2 hours. I'm dissapointed that I didn't find this stuff before :(


Also, I used a Crapco folding stock because I was running low on funds. What a POS. It broke already, so now it locks open but it won't lock when it's folded... it's.... floppy. lol.


Oh well, I am still happy. Next in line is something to filly the holes, and some good quality flat black.

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The problem is with using the retainer plate. You can't install the retainer plate while the safety is already in the gun. But then, you can't install the safety after teh BHO is in the gun. Apparently, you can't install the safety after the trigger is installed unless you grind a portion of it off. After closer inspection I can see that the safety contacts the disconnector on one side, and the trigger on the other. Taking the side of the safety that contacts the disconnector down a few mm, and modding the BHO would certainly make it work. I'm done for now, totally annoyed that my Crapco is such a POS. When I get around to ordering a real stock and mechanism, I'll fix it up.

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I don't use the BHO at all so I have not experienced this problem. All my conversions, shotguns and rifles, do not include the BHO because it gets in the way of your finger when on the trigger. It takes a little practice to load a fully loaded shotgun mag without pulling the bolt back, and if you need to pull back a little bit on the bolt with one hand and install the mag with the other it is not that hard to do. It takes a little finnese.

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Wheel, I feel your frustration as I too experienced that issue. Collapsed under the pressure and went ahead and modded my BHO. Should have done that from the git go. Works like a charm! Just push up on the BHO and sribe a line and cut/drill/grind or dyamite the notch.

Thread on the Mod.


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Wheel I posted this in the other thread going on about the same thing (funny how that always happens...)

but just in case you didn't see it....


Wheel I'm sorry you had such a hard time today bro. (I would have been able to help you out quick but I was unavoidably absent from here at the time) I guess I should have tried to talk you into adding one of these to your order....



I'm having some made in a machine shop now so I won't have to do the exchange thing any more.


And about the Texas trigger disconnect... I could have ground the back of the disco and made it so the safety would clear it just fine (I did that to mine) but I was told by the manufacturer that we should mod the safety instead.

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The problem is with using the retainer plate. You can't install the retainer plate while the safety is already in the gun. But then, you can't install the safety after teh BHO is in the gun. Apparently, you can't install the safety after the trigger is installed unless you grind a portion of it off.


Yes you can to all of the above. I did all of it on mine.


Firstly, I modified the retainer plate to fit the S12. After spending $15 on it, I wasn't going to waste it.


Now, how do you install it with the BHO in the gun? With the axis pins in place holding the spring, you slip the leg of the spring off the BHO plate. Then you rotate the BHO plate away from the safety hole. You slide the safety in, over the trigger (no mods to either) and into it's hole. Then you rotate the BHO back down into place. I used a small diameter brass rod to slip over the leg of the spring so I could reposition it on the BHO plate, then I used a pair of needle nose pliers to bend the leg over the plate so it wouldn't slip off.


It took me awhile to do it all because it was my first conversion and it required a lot of trial and error. I could probably do it in half an hour or less now.

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lol np Cobra. I didn't even want to bother you anyway, with all you got going on. Oh well! :D I did think about modding the BHO, and I would have eventually figured out to grind the safety, but I didn't remember ever seeing anyone mention that so I thought I was doing something wrong! lol!

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Hi all,

Did my conversion saturday and all went well until I tried to put the safety in. Same thing happened.

Came to this site and did a search and found the thread about notching the BHO. Did that and still

would not go in. Took a flashlight to the hole and found out that the retaining plate was not exactly

linning up with the hole in the receiver keeping the safty from going in. Took a dremel and

opened the hole up a bit and everything slid in like it was supposed. My gun is finished.

A little too late maybe to help but it might help someone else.

Thanks to all that have given input on this site to help people to do conversions.

Cannot say enough good things about this site. Keep up the great work and friendliness.




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