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Headsup, promag saiga 223 mags cheap at area51 tactical

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Not trying to be a ad for them or anything , just wanting to let everyone know a good deal I found. they work good in my saiga 223.


they only have 23 units left in stock.

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Can't vouch for the supplier (have not used them) but I can vouch for the ProMags. They get a bad rap but I have yet to have problems with any of the three I have.



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Yeah best part is you can build franken mags out of them. Nothing like a 50 or 75 round magazine to put a smile on your face :D

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The AK ProMags work because it's an AK, not because they're good mags. Their bad rep is well-earned. I've personally seen how incredibly bad they are. They can't even get single stack pistol mags right. Inconsistent followers and feed lips, poorly tempered springs, and other problems. For an AK mag, if you replace the springs you'll probably be fine. For other ProMag magazines, multiple people have said: "Buy 3. That way you'll probably have 1 working while the other 2 are at the manufacturer getting 'fixed'."


My advice: pass. It's better to buy a Surefire with a 5-year warranty that you'll probably never use than a ProMag with a lifetime warranty that you'll use over and over again. I would never trust my life to a ProMag product. I want a product I can count on, from a reputable company.

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Whats funny is that all mine work fine... I did have to turn the springs around because they had them in backwards, also gave it a good coating of graphite.


I got the idea of cutting them up and joining them together from a post on here, and other then having my 7.62x39 60 off set the first time they have worked well enough (lets just say that at the rate ammo has gone up I have not fired off a 60 round magazine very often).


I would be more inclined to buy the normal .223 AK magazines and get a bullet guide as I can't see the built in plastic guide lasting very long.

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Saiga ..23 Promag. Ive seen em work fine, Ive seen em fail miserably... rather hit or miss.


Area 51 however are cool as far as im concerned. I got stuff there before.

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