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handy or not? Magpul magazine pull assist

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MAGPUL website info.


Whats your opinin on this rubber pull assist product?

I'm about sold.

Convert it, ya, ya I know, I know!...


img8555l.jpg img8556.jpg


post-9755-1239751453_thumb.jpg post-9755-1239751571_thumb.jpg




All in all the rubber did seem to help the mag durability from a bounce and stopped the AGP 10rd minor vibration noise from a ting or bump(it just felt more solid).

Thumbs up here.

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I'm a big fan of those on M-16 mags. On a Saiga 12 I don't think they would be as helpful since I grab the mag near the top/center when inserting. Although if you have pouches I'm sure they are great. On a M-16 mag you grab the bottom and flip it in, and these things can shave a good couple seconds on your reloads.

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I use them on my M1A mags they are good for giving the mags a little grip. Not really necessary unless you are in the rain or snow or wear gloves. On a Saiga mag they have the added benefit of hold them together and padding them if dropped. Note to get the .308 magpuls on a Saiga mag you will need to get the soft with a heat gun or torch to stretch them on.

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How hard were they to put on the Saiga12. I have been thinking of ordering some myself! I want them to speed getting them out of my pouch and to tether them to my kit. They are to expensive to lose!

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I used the .308 pulls on a couple of my Russian 8 rounders. Warm soap water and they go on with a reasonable amount of effort-nothing too tuff. If your going to be throwing your mags around I think they give a little more protection.

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