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Obama's Assault Rifle message

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The good news is that today Obama indicated during his trip to visit the Mexican president that he would not support an assault gun ban. While this is not because of any change in his philosophy, it is due to his political savvy. Recognizing that he won only by a 6% margin, and many of the people who voted for him are conservative democrats who support gun ownership, Obama recognized the political impossibility of taking the gun issue on. Apparently, Hillary was disciplined for earlier statements about her/husband's agenda to reinstate the ban. Our NRA and pro gun lobbyists have done some excellent work.


Eventually, there should be some leveling out of the entire supply/demand thing for ammo prices. Since the recession began, all commodities are way lower priced than they had been, especially last summer. Brass, lead, chemicals and labor all have downward price pressures so from a manufacturing basis prices should be the cheapest they've been in years.

The downward pricing is being offset by demand from the wars around the world and from all the newbies who have purchased 7.62 weapons and are stockpiling ammo for them along with others who were already stockpiling, and greed.


I hope the ban message will get the supply chain back to normal soon. When that happens we customers need to remember which merchants were fair to us during this challenging time and which ones weren't. Which companies continued to provide good service and which ones used the demand as an excuse for crappy and slow service. Feel free to suggest companies for either list. I recently had outstanding service from Saigastock.com- 3 days from order to receipt! Sounds like folks on this site feel gouged by CTD.

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Obama reinstating the ban has a downside at the moment. He's gained ground with the wealthy-conservative crowd (his bailouts seem to be giving him an edge), but he's losing it with the moderate and slightly left-leaning liberals. They were aiming for a TVA-style plan as I remember.


Right now Obama needs to keep his friends close, this includes moderates and conservative democrats. Reinstating an AWB, all the while doing nothing to actually combat crime driectly (spending more for local and state law-enforcement programs), would ruin him with the middle-men and moderate democrats.


Chances are, he'll stay away from a ban and work on anything else to fight crime. I honestly am hoping he starts funneling more money into law-enforcement programs, the cops around KC are getting so desperate for funds they're pulling people over for going just seven miles over the speed limit. State Troopers, people are saying, are starting to get people for five over. So the POLICE are desperate. That can't bode well for anyone.

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