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Armscor M-AK22 .22 LR AK-47 type Rifle - Only 10-round mag, thoug




The Krinker Plinker - Ruger 10/22 AK-style Furniture - You can get Ruger 10/22 drums.




That's all I've got the Armscor looks like an AK, but doesn't have the same action. I'd just go for the Krinker-Plinker kit, the Ruger 10/22 is a tried & true rifle, by an American company, it is also extremely easy to get parts, service, and the all important high-cap magazines. You can still pick-up a Ruger 10/22 for $150 if you're lucky. I got a nice one at a show person-to-person trade for $250ish with a thumb-hole stock and scope. It would be cool to see a Krinker with a fat bull barrel :)

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You can get Ruger 10/22 drums.


The company that makes those drums is ProMag, a company that specializes in turning perfectly good firearms into nonfunctioning hunks of metal. That company can't even get single stack straight mags right. Do you really think they can make a working DRUM?


WASR-22's are probably the main .22LR AK's. Supposedly they work okay.

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I have a WASR-22 and it's damn near my favorite gun. Some people have problems with them. Most are able to tune the problems out. The only problem I had with mine was self-inflicted; I grabbed hollowpoints by accident and they didn't like to chamber right every time. I tried forcing a round into battery and it knocked the extractor out.


That said, if I could find them cheap enough I'd buy more for my kids to have them. Unlike every other .22 AK out there, this one is a real AK and most parts are interchangeable with a real AK. The bolt, carrier, etc are completely different but even the FCG is the same. Put whatever AK furniture you want on it and have fun!

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