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Saiga 12 conversion problem - no existing pg hole

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Okay, so I recently got a conversion kit from Dinzag. I read all the conversion tutorials and have had no problems so far. I removed the sporter plate only to be disappointed finding that there isn't and existing pg hole underneathe it. Bummer! Dinzag's conversion requires a pg hole for the pg nut they supply. So now I have two options:


1) Cut a pg hole which could be a bitch to do.


2) Buy the Tromix Do-it-yourself trigger guard and be done with it.


Okay so option 2 would be most easy but it means I would have to buy another trigger guard solution after already buying the trigger guard kit from Dinzag. Mo money, oh well.


However given the way the Tromix is a pg nut attached to the trigger guard which is attached to the receiver, is that less sturdier than braving forth cutting a pg hole in the receiver and using the standard pg nut? What are your thoughts guys?

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That's not a problem, that's part of the challenge!


Everyone has to cut their own hole. It's not a bitch - it takes half an hour.


This is one reason that Tromix sells the crap out of their "no mods" all-in-one-trigger guard - because with it, you don't have to cut a pistol grip hole.


The Tromix All-in-one trigger guard is gonna be sturdier than you.

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Okay, I man'd up to the task and did it. Its not the prettiest pg hole but it will do the job. Thinking back, I should've gotten the Tromix DIY trigger guard.


The Dinzag trigger guard doesn't come with a safety lever stop so I cut the one of the old trigger plate and mounted it between the new trigger guard and the receiver using the old hole on from the plate.


Now all I have to do is finish the rest and paint.

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